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VP @Mike_Pence: PPE & medicines in abundant supply in Florida, will ensure that continues. https://t.co/SyycoqYK4R https://t.co/KyQmrUfKxW

President @realDonaldTrump: June showed record job growth for black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women. https://t.co/qK69QX9hVx https://t.co/sfszKAJ1Pv

FBN’s Charles Payne: It's “a lie” to say recovery isn’t helping black Americans. The “same tide is lifting all ships.” https://t.co/kk8Va0ykV8 https://t.co/1Wot6rFb4N

CNBC’s Jim Cramer: “there’s an optimism in the country…people are hiring.” https://t.co/uKB88rTvz3 https://t.co/jsNzpgW3k2

FBN’s Ed Lawrence: “this is amazing,” “a good report anywhere you look at it.” https://t.co/ZvL8zLcdVl https://t.co/FdvGtKCkzu

CNN’s Christine Romans: June jobs report shows “big hiring.” https://t.co/VLAB4kCY9m https://t.co/TBcVu7h24X

FBN’s Charles Payne: market shows V-shaped recovery "even though the economists keep saying it’s impossible.” https://t.co/WQZMQZOUuQ https://t.co/0Y1zoJW7iO

CNBC’s Becky Quick: June jobs report showing a “trend from across the board of pretty strong numbers.” https://t.co/VhDDgpdVhj https://t.co/fzh45Nh5fU

CNBC’s Steve Liesman: June jobs report showing that we’re “bringing a lot of folks back” https://t.co/UjDh2msHfC https://t.co/7N7EtvnxMb

CNBC’s Rick Santelli: “These are really solid numbers” for June jobs report. https://t.co/90oHifXgcn https://t.co/IlefA2b7q1

NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: June jobs report is a “big positive to see this much hiring across the board.” https://t.co/BVoI1jKwxz https://t.co/HTuxfZDR06

Nancy Pelosi falsely claims President Trump called coronavirus "a hoax." https://t.co/wzUXSZywrL

President @realDonaldTrump: “We’re coming back,” but Joe Biden & Democrats would raise everyone’s taxes. https://t.co/rgJvGju8Ra https://t.co/cKe6SAAMrb

Sen. @ChuckGrassley: President @realDonaldTrump is delivering on promises made, unlike past presidents. https://t.co/kQnpAWLzZy https://t.co/tl1QAW3aEy

Commerce Secretary @SecretaryRoss: NAFTA “had so many holes,” USMCA has much better enforcement procedures. https://t.co/f2RpRrf4nm https://t.co/UdIJbqpNnX

.@SenatorTimScott: Democrats holding up police reform bill is absolutely “presidential politics.” https://t.co/UBml3RT424 https://t.co/JtGQnXifx6

VP @Mike_Pence: President @realDonaldTrump has focused on “protecting, defending, and celebrating freedom of every American of every race and creed and color” since day one. https://t.co/HbSQMiHQsM https://t.co/ZTkAvQXtkm

Joe Biden has to look at notes to remind himself to not tear down statues of Founding Fathers. https://t.co/lnBbI3qml9 https://t.co/M7aVLPZukm

House Democrat Leader Steny Hoyer can’t decide what to say, asks Adam Schiff for permission to speak. https://t.co/qs1aa6QRiC https://t.co/j2zpRidT9T

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