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Scientists say Moon could be holding more water than previously thought https://t.co/BdL6P6KAYv via @RFI_En

French football star Pogba say reports of his retirement are 'Fake News' https://t.co/1m9lQg021f via @RFI_En

Erdogan calls on EU leaders to end 'Macron-led hate campaign against Muslims' https://t.co/t1bWAXpGtB via @RFI_En

Supporters take in football and Formula 1 in Portugal’s Algarve https://t.co/H3cOpeOo83 via @RFI_En

France and Mali at odds over opening dialogue with Sahel jihadists https://t.co/kETeczanoZ via @RFI_En

'I won't be your scapegoat,' Charlie Hebdo attack suspect tells Paris court https://t.co/MpBUWR0uM9 via @RFI_En

Italy tightens coronavirus restrictions nationwide as 20,000 new cases reported daily https://t.co/dGtTouVB5t via @RFI_En

Pakistan condemns France's 'systematic Islamophobia' as cartoons row deepens https://t.co/oBWLzL3GWw via @RFI_En

RFI English
12 hours ago

‘Principles more important than deals’ says French business leader on Mohammed cartoons boycott https://t.co/2Ce1nhmr9O via @RFI_En

RFI English
12 hours ago

Trump vs. Biden: What’s really at stake in the 2020 US election? https://t.co/4VcK1EKdr5 via @RFI_En

RFI English
12 hours ago

France's Scientific Council estimates new Covid cases rising to 100,000 per day https://t.co/luJJ9OwyKi via @RFI_En

Attack on Anglophone school in Cameroon. #Cameroon on @RFI_En

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