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Misinterpretations are everywhere and they go with the course of time. It is the most important duty of the Islamic clerics and imams to preach what is correct and relevant. #EidAlAdha #Allah_DidntAllow_Qurbani

Happy birthday to the messiah of the poor and a real life hero. On this occasion let's pledge that we'll support each and every movie/series /song featuring him in order to support him in this noble cause. #HappyBirthdaySonuSood

Saw the same guy asking for fresh meat at a shop who was earlier posting about the elephant's death on social media. #animallivesmatter #JusticeForVinayaki #hypocrisy

The so called mahagathbandhan is a bunch of self centered and corrupt politicians who have gathered together for the sake of survival in Indian politics. #bhaivsbhai

The "grand alliance" is a tight slap to the Congress and is against it. No party is ready to share the stage with Congress as they better know that it would have negative impact. #BhaiVsBhai

The SEALS r no less than angels for the children and their coach. They should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. #ThaiCaveResue

The unofficial Pearson Specter Litt motto. #Suits #WestCoast https://t.co/f2jnGJ0Npe

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