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"I’ve just fallen in love with him. I love his personality, and he just tries for me so much, like he wants to win it just as bad as I do!" – Regan Plendl Find out more about her win with Cats Lightning Rey at the National Cutting Horse Association... https://t.co/s9FJlMfDmq

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our cutting family in this tragic time. https://t.co/ekpisveTN5 https://t.co/bN0tzFQwZN

“She loves scratches and treats. After she shows, we go back to the trailer and I give her a handful of Purina treats!” ~ Misty Greeson https://t.co/bHT23omGZo https://t.co/RtiLj3OBVo

Jimmy van der Hoeven and “Famous Amos” did it again. More on their NRHA Derby triumph---> https://t.co/lQDkGOBi6u Gunnatrashya https://t.co/lQDkGOBi6u

There's no rest for the weary! Mike Wood Performance Horses cleaned up in Denver! https://t.co/Jr8vHEDNPY https://t.co/YcyuIpRyOE

The World Championship of Colt Starting just got a whole lot better! https://t.co/CXww2Yrvzt

Josh Tishman won his first major NRHA Derby title on Saturday, taking home the Level 1 Open Championship! Ready all about it here! https://t.co/vE4RLuOn7y Andrea Fappani https://t.co/vE4RLuOn7y

He's on a roll!! We're sending out another big congratulations to Mike Wood, who won the NCHA Western Nationals Open aboard Little Jackson Cat with a 221 and the $5,000 Novice riding Hesa Belle Cat to a 226. Way to go!

Dun It For Chex joined some elite company in the breeding barn thanks to her offspring’s performances at the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby--->https://t.co/t7Kxzqgwmp Gunnatrashya https://t.co/t7Kxzqgwmp

KIDS RULE! Congratulations to Colt Moore for topping the Senior Youth aboard Badazz Cat with a 221 at the NCHA Western National Championships. Aden Bernhagen was your Junior Youth winner after marking a 217 with Dr Cuzin between the reins. Way to go!!

The iconic Rock Creek Ranch of Weatherford, Texas, is a first-rate equestrian property that truly embraces rustic elegance. The 345 sprawling acres are home to a splendid custom home, bountiful guest quarters and... https://t.co/JSD8lqVnwy

The first section of the NRHA Derby Open is complete. Three riders are tied at a 223 to lead the Level 3: Rhett Butler Dunnit & Marco Riccotta; Tinker With Dreams & Sean McBurney; and Mizzen Ya & Sean McBurney.... https://t.co/wZkOuYQOSO

Jennifer Neudorf took the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby by storm on Friday night when she swept all four levels of the Non-Pro -- and the Youth. Details of her win--->https://t.co/mt3oflMnZ2 Andrea Fappani https://t.co/mt3oflMnZ2

Monitoring your horse’s poop is not for the faint of heart, but it is a good way to find out what’s going on inside his body. >>>https://t.co/xBAeieYAMk https://t.co/xBAeieYAMk

Many of you asked us who bought Arena One in Batesville, Mississippi. Here's what we found out--->https://t.co/1I7vsO4XvI https://t.co/1I7vsO4XvI

"Possibly one of the finest cutting horse facilities in North Texas. The improvements are top shelf and extensive. An incredible place to entertain celebrities, executives, or royalty. The location is great!" — Coalson Real Estate https://t.co/oPrhXVRuUF

"There are no guaranteed outcomes in breeding — not in the science and nature of it, nor in the outcome of the cross. There are, however, increased probable outcomes based upon what is done. I implore you to take the time necessary to 'stack the deck'... https://t.co/TATpXCNoVj

“This horse is legit, no pun intended, and I want to keep campaigning him." ~ Trevor Carter - Horseman, Cowboy https://t.co/LXpSVLFRCd • Hickory Holly Time https://t.co/5WTj8ckcs1

Metal Storm (by Metallic Cat) used to be a cutter, but he's taking charge in his new career as a reined cow horse! https://t.co/dATN6rj01d • Hickory Holly Time https://t.co/3Azo12HOJC

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