Watching more football at home means you can spend every game with your best friend. Make game days even better with Pup-peroni® treats.

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#POV: I see a bag of Pup-Peroni treats and my newest best friend holding them. #WoofYeah https://t.co/lL8PNCe3cM

Your pup will leave it all out on the field when a Pup-Peroni Triple Steak Flavor treat is the prize. Share your BFF’s best plays, or their bloopers. We won’t laugh too hard, we promise. #WoofYeah https://t.co/sbV80SgpLy https://t.co/D56UM48MvZ

Forget a football—tossing your dog his favorite Pup-Peroni treat will always make you your best friend’s best friend. He’ll score the greatest instant replay highlight on game day (or the funniest fumble). Share your pup’s game day plays with #WoofYeah https://t.co/3R97Vmt44Y https://t.co/gZ4v5a8fZ4

More time with your best friend while watching the game means more time to work on their moves (or try at least). Share a replay of your dog's best — or worst — Pup-Peroni fumbles with #WoofYeah. https://t.co/V4H1qI0bi0

On game day, you’ll have plenty of time to run plays with your BFF—even if they don't always work out. Share your pup’s Pup-Peroni plays (or fumbles) with. #WoofYeah https://t.co/7ufOb3d0xw https://t.co/p88dKRdzqw

Congrats🏆! Through it all you've maintained your status as your Best Friend's Best Friend. Share a screenshot and let us know how you did!

Good try🐶! Share a screenshot and let us know how you did, then head back and try again!

Good try🐶! Share a screenshot and let us know how you did, then head back and try again!

Good try🐶! Share a screenshot and let us know how you did, then head back and try again!

Your dog spots the rabbit, but it quickly hops away. He howls, missing a potential new friend. But you ease his pain by pulling out your own bag of Pup-Peroni Lean Beef Flavor treats—reminding him that you’re his true, ultimate best friend until the end.

Your dog spots a squirrel and chases after it, following it into a hole within a large oak tree. Your dog finds a squirrel family with a stockpile of their very own Pup-Peroni Triple-Steak Flavor treats. Your dog has been adopted by the squirrel family and refuses to come back.

Quoted @PupPeroni

BFF Option 2: A squirrel.


Quoted @PupPeroni

BFF Option 1: A rabbit.


You take your best friend to the park and give him a treat as a reward after the car ride. You walk around a nearby pond when suddenly, your dog perks up—what is he looking at?

You and your pup get to your friend’s massive, backyard. Slides! Your friend's dogs! Toys everywhere! While you’re chatting, his wife comes out with an extra large bag of Pup-Peroni Prime Rib Flavor treats. Your dog can’t get enough of this lifestyle and has found a new home.

Quoted @PupPeroni

BFF Option 2: Take your best friend to your friend’s backyard.


Quoted @PupPeroni

BFF Option 1: Take your best friend to the park.


Your dog looks at his Pup-Peroni-topped breakfast, then up at you with a twinkle in his eye, before he wags his tail and devours his meal. Now with breakfast finished, where are you going next?

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