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When a partner starts to throw tantrums and play the victim, it may seem like an unexpected change. More likely, it's a slow reveal of traits that were always there. Here's why.

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Is your relationship disintegrating? Here's how to tell whether it can be salvaged, or if it's time to walk away.

Is your relationship disintegrating? Here's how to tell whether it can be salvaged, or if it's time to walk away.

Why women find the strong, silent type so appealing—at least at first, writes @simredaelli

Which personality traits do you think are easy or difficult to detect based on your phone habits?

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Most people might not know that there's a gender gap when it comes to pain. But women are more likely to have frequent, long-lasting, and severe pain. This could be why, explains @DrWayneJonas.

"Parents can easily feel that how their child is doing reflects on them—and they aren't crazy to think so. Parents tell me every day about the shaming they experience over their children for the littlest things," writes @AEscalanteMD

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg "defied stereotypes of older individuals and older women as inactive, frail, and weak"

3 mindfulness-based steps to become more self-compassionate and reduce depression

"Asexuality is a sexual orientation, not a sexual dysfunction. It starts early in life and shows some stability over time," writes @belladepaulo

How drinking coffee could affect your health in the long run

Did you know that short-term attention is biased toward negativity, but long-term memory is biased toward positivity? Here's why.

Many people are finding that exes, friends, and others who ghosted, rejected, or drifted apart from them are suddenly reaching out. Has it happened to you?

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