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I wear the Scarlet T because I'm #DEPLORABLE. NYC raised. Former member of the CPUSA. Marxism is cancer. Calling out propaganda when I see it.

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BLM-antifa in Portland took over the street outside the central police precinct after smashing up businesses. They’ve blocked the road for hours. They make the passenger of this car give the black power salute & chant, “Black Lives Matter.” #PortlandaRiots https://t.co/YHljeAAnQ3

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Rep. @AOC: "This kind of vacancy and this kind of tipping point is the difference between people having reproductive rights and the government controlling people's bodies for them." https://t.co/7tipheg08W

Speaking of vacancy, here’s an empty talking head... https://t.co/1BAWmAXjRu

14 hours ago

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There is a mass exodus from the Republican party happening in real time. This won't be reflected in polling. Something exciting and big is happening.

😂 The huge crowds @ Trump rallies must be computer generated. https://t.co/tiICNWZkxj

This is the horniest Honda CRV 🙄 I’ve ever met 🌺 likes to drive slowly by the #MAGA Flowers 🌺 almost ever night blasting its horn. #Trump2020 The Radical Left has lost its mind. https://t.co/mkcgWCMYUR

This is the horniest Honda CRV 🙄 I’ve ever met 🌺 likes to drive slowly by the #MAGA Flowers 🌺 almost ever night blasting its horn. #Trump2020 The Radical Left has lost its mind. https://t.co/mkcgWCMYUR


This photo says it all. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤎🙏 https://t.co/nC4haVthFs

Outside of Washington, DC, no one thinks it’s remotely odd that Justices Scalia and Ginsburg were close friends. The insiders in DC are ruining America with their cancel culture and political rules.

It’s all-out war now being waged on our President, our government, and our nation. They are funded and organized and without morals. The Democrats have turned a blind eye to three full months of rioting, looting, and arson. It won’t stop until we stop it. https://t.co/PQCOXbY50L

21 hours ago

Quoted @KarluskaP

This is Fire right here! 🔥 https://t.co/fEUTTluIoG

WOW!!! This is straight 🔥🔥🔥 from Jim Caviezel! Pray for Jim. He is one of the Hollywood actors who is truly the “salt and light.” Please retweet. https://t.co/wo9fQ9q7UU

HOW is this the same person?!? https://t.co/almYT3W0w3

HOW is this the same person?!? https://t.co/almYT3W0w3

I stand by what I said in Jan. 2019: Harry Reid & Chuck Schumer changed Senate rules to try and stack the courts for Obama. Now it's coming back to haunt them as I predicted. I'm dead set on confirming @realDonaldTrump’s nominee. If you stand with me: https://t.co/MYF6qgyjdI https://t.co/lsejlSs0QQ

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Say black lives matter right now #Portland https://t.co/C1l73VXwwQ

Shoot these #BLMAntifaTerroristsThugs in the streets. Shoot them all. Fuck #BLM https://t.co/eTRq6wMplf

The Dems are pretty much out of ammo and Trump has like 3 dozen MOABs left to go. WINNING

Quoted @thehill

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Mitch McConnell: "This is a man who does not care about a dying woman's final wish." https://t.co/rISUJRsa5D

AOC where can we find this dying wish clause in the Constitution? https://t.co/0bWnSeJQAv

@PrynneHyster The Senate turned into a LIVING HELL for Dems. The future will haunt you before you get there! #DeadBeatDems #TrumpPence2020

@clairecmc You have been for a while now. That's why Missourians voted your fat old baby-killing ass right out of the Senate. Thank God for @HawleyMO

I’m 11 years sober from Heroin. 🙏🏾❤️

@PrynneHyster Hypocrites. Always will be.


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