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Lions second-round choice D'Andre Swift signs rookie deal

NFLPA wants a maximum of 80 players per team during training camp, with no more than 20 at a time in the facility for the first 21 days and no more than 40 for the next 10

Cam Newton in New England for Patriots physical

Be smart tonight everybody. As every fireworks product says on the package, "Light fuse and get away."

In 2020, the players want to keep 11-on-11 situations confined to games only

NFL, NFLPA haggling over two in-stadium fan events during training camp

If Washington has a new name before the 2020 season begins, the changes to the uniform undoubtedly will be minimal

Players want to test face shields during training camp and re-evaluate game-day use based on player feedback

Based on what I just witnessed at the grocery store on this fine July 4 morning, here’s a reminder: The virus isn’t taking the day off as a courtesy to all Americans.

Players oppose mandatory hotel stays during training camp

As Washington's NFL team conducts a "thorough review" of its name, Cleveland's MLB team decides to do the same -- but there are obvious differences

Dwayne Haskins likes Red Tails if Washington changes team name

Frank Clark pays for funeral for 4-year-old gun violence victim

Lincoln Riley: Moving college football season to spring is "very doable"

Quoted @nfldraftscout

Have we considered the Washington Buckeyes? @dh_simba7 @TheTerry_25 @youngchase907

I like the redtails 🤔

Report: Cowboys have no interest in David Njoku

Former Bucs team president Gay Culverhouse dies

Nike has shared concerns with NFL about Washington's team name

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