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So apparently crude oil is still suffering from 'resistance' Which means that petroleum stocks are being held down. $MARPS, $MRO, $CVX, and others seem to have some bounce stored up. I think I'm going to buy a bit more for the bounce back.

The stock market is full of fuckery right now. Listen here $LINDA, ...

Quoted @MalwareJake

As we see time and time again (in nature and cybersecurity), the attacker who appears the more capable doesn't always win against a solid defense... https://t.co/whU1kCzotU

Just saw actual footage of a democrat facing down an anarchist. https://t.co/UmiX0rSNFi

A magic forest, a child that ignores the warnings. The creatures of the forest observe his exploits over the years. One day they enter his home and begin making themselves comfortable. "What is this?" he asks in bewilderment. "You entered our home, it's only fair" they reply.

I wonder if you could use solar energy to process the minerals in seawater into a non water soluble crystal/stone. Be fun to desalinate the oceans and build a giant ass crystal continent. Yes, this is a really dumb idea,.

Well here's an idiotically biased article. Go to school at 3 AM, Criminal Trespass. On July 4th, Criminal Trespass. On a Sunday, Criminal Trespass. At 8 PM on Christmas eve, Criminal Trespass. The school was ordered closed by the Governor. It wasn't to 'Own the Libs.'

$NGD New Gold is still coasting up. $1.83 a share

$MARPS Marine Petroleum is down to $1.70 a share. .04 cent Q/dividend.

I don't know who needs to hear this but, that whole reason you came back in time? Yeah it's because you helped Trump the first time around by not voting or, ... something. This is that "one reminder" you were promised in pre-jump orientation.

We need a new power movie for this new political era. How about "The Indifference of the Christ" to match modern sensibilities.

Hypothetical "But whyyyy?" #0002 Full human detectable spectrum 8k displays. Imagine a 50" screen that can allow you to experience the actual heat of Death Valley or get a tiny bit of the healthy end of UV sunlight while watching a documentary about Africa. :D

Consider several alcoves on the wall with a crystal wine glass hovering in the center of it. Bonus if it's strong enough to prevent most children from even pulling the glass out of the alcove. Bottling wine in magnetic bottles that refuse to fall out of the rack, etc.

Hypothetical "but whyyyyy?" #0001 Transparent high density permanent magnet material. I want to see a material as clear as a crystal goblet with the strength of or exceeding neodymium magnets. Why? Just so I can have a set of levitating wine glasses.

I guess, what I'm trying to understand is, is it at least possible within the laws of physics to use electromagnetic energy to generate unstable isotopes by firing electrons at a target material. My 'gut' tells me that it should work.

I understand you can't contain neutrons in a magnetic bottle so yeah if it worked you'd get gamma-ed to death but I'm more interested in the hypothetical "does it jive with the laws of physics?" and less with the "You can't get that much copper or energy on your koolaid budget"

Made this for my Laserjet.
If you need some horrifyingly small 10 pixel graph paper, feel free to grab it. https://t.co/6qDDsI2whY

Made this for my Laserjet. If you need some horrifyingly small 10 pixel graph paper, feel free to grab it. https://t.co/6qDDsI2whY

Nope. No useful half life isotopes of lithium according to randos on the web.

I suddenly find myself wondering, since dilithium is actually a gas, if dilithium composed of two different isotopes, regular lithium and an unstable lithium isotope, would actually crystalize and become a radio electric energy source. *goes to check*

I found a Prolific USB=>>RS232 adapter and a DB9=>>DB25 and a US robotics external 56K courier and it all works with windows 10 RAAWR! I'm a T-REX! https://t.co/rLBIzXyNh3

So I have an idea for you, @ EVERYFRICKINGWEBPAGEINTHEWORLD How about while I'm reading the page, we DON'T reload it, change the content, scroll the damn thing up and down with randomly sized videos popping in and out, move items around, NOT suddenly drop an ad under the cursor

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