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Poor guy just wanted to clean his hands.

I could while away the hours, Conferrin’ with the flowers, If I only had a ̷b̷r̷a̷i̷n̷ Fall Activity! Make a Scarecrow this weekend at Floral & Hardy, @PeddlersVillage or @morrisarboretum. #KathysFallActivities🔗: @kathyromano11

No sad, bro... There's Fall Activities to do!

Quoted @PrestonSteve933

September 18, 2020

Turn today's podcast into a drinking game by taking a sip every time something goes wrong. Warning: You'll be hammered before chapter #2.

We love the fall (and scarecrows) too... Thank you, @Kathyromano11!

"I sunk all my savings into the film, so it would be nice if people watch it!" - Paul Saltzman says after telling us about the day he watched Paul McCartney write 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' 🤯 Listen to the full interview in the link & go watch this movie!

Want to terrify your HR & IT Department? Do a search for sport dildos like we did. #DailyRush

Quoted @PrestonSteve933

Today's guest lineup: 8:20a @realmarcsummers // #TriviaForACause @gencitizen 9a Paul Saltzman // "Meeting the Beatles in India" 9:20a @AmyMRutledge // #RentAPal @IFCFilms


Quoted @beatlesstory

Watch the World Premiere of 'Meeting the Beatles in India’ a Paul Saltzman documentary partially filmed at our exhibition and narrated by @morgan_freeman exclusively online from tomorrow. 🤩🎬 Find out more:

Paul Saltzman is joining us on the show right now.

@PrestonSteve933 Regular M&Ms taste like someone injected chocolate into an Advil tablet.

Quoted @chuckdamico

Official Poll: When it comes to MnMs...

Please weigh in:

Join @realmarcsummers virtually this Sunday night for a trivia event benefiting @gencitizen.

.@realmarcsummers just shared the original recipe for slime (applesauce, green food coloring & vanilla pudding) ...wish we knew that 10 months ago! #CampOutForHunger #DoubleDare

@PrestonSteve933 @kathyromano11 I have never been to Pennsylvania not even an adjacent state but Kathy’s fall activities excite me!! Dedicated listener from Minnesota, keep up the great work

@PrestonSteve933 Pictures for funzies. Also fun fact, he proposed the weekend of the cardboard classic 2019!

@PrestonSteve933 Pictures for funzies. Also fun fact, he proposed the weekend of the cardboard classic 2019!

@PrestonSteve933 Horrible, thanks for asking! 😂

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