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Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.) | Navy mustang | Democratic candidate to replace @RepMattGaetz | Forward with Honor | Join Us 👇

Northwest Florida
Joined on November 24, 2009

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Phil Ehr
17 hours ago

It's time for truth and reason to come back as a dominating force of our democratic process. Trump has used Gaetz and other representatives to peddle propaganda, spread hatred, and create division in our nation. It ends this election year.

Phil Ehr
18 hours ago

It's clear that this election is between maturity and immaturity. Rationality and irrationality. For the people and for themselves.

Phil Ehr
19 hours ago

It's been 12 days since Hurricane Sally made landfall and many of our residents are still suffering. Meanwhile, Matt is trying to force the Senate confirmation process of Amy Coney Barrett and promote his book. #WhereisGaetz when you need him?

Phil Ehr
21 hours ago

Do you have a plan for voting? Do you need to check if you're registered, or still need to request a ballot? @pnj has this helpful Voter Guide for any concerns regarding the upcoming election. Make sure your voice is heard this November!

Never lose hope. I know things are tough, but we must have faith in ourselves. We must believe in our mission. We must fight for our democracy. Only together can we build the America that our children deserve.

To all that observe Yom Kippur, the #EhrForce would like to wish you an easy and meaningful fast. G’mar Chatimah Tovah!

Join us TONIGHT at 6:30 CT for a special volunteer workshop where we will discuss all the different ways you can help send Gaetz packing this November! We have plenty of ways to help whether you are in-district or not. Sig-up here and join the #EhrForce!

Thank you @AndyMarlette for writing about Matt Gaetz's refusal to debate in the @pnj. He still has yet to respond to our scheduling requests. The people of NW Florida deserve to hear from both of their candidates. #GaetzWontDebate

Thank you @AndyMarlette for writing about Matt Gaetz's refusal to debate in the @pnj. He still has yet to respond to our scheduling requests. The people of NW Florida deserve to hear from both of their candidates. #GaetzWontDebate

Exciting news—we now have a page on our website that highlights our endorsements! Together, with our combined efforts, we'll move our community, state, and nation #ForwardWithHonor.

“Military families expect committee members—whatever their political party—to uphold our national security doctrine, not undercut it. We know that 'peace through strength' isn’t just a patriotic slogan. It’s the shared responsibility...” -@FloridaTerrier

Check out the latest episode of Money in Politics Podcast where our Peter Cowley from finance talks about how we've broken records in this district! #MoneyInPolitics 👉🏻 👈🏻

Join Phil & the Ehr Force this Sunday 9/27 at 6:30 PM CST for a special volunteer event where we will share ways you can help with our campaign. Sign up here:

How do we save the Republican party?  Remove the idiots that have destroyed it! @MattGaetz, Trump's lackey,  must be replaced. Join me in supporting @PhilEhr TODAY:

We still have folks who need their unemployment benefits. We still have folks dying from COVID-19. Our community is hurting and in need of a leader who will fight for them. I wonder if Matt Gaetz thinks about that while prepping for his nightly TV appearances. #GaetzGottaGo

Our community's veterans from all branches have come together to voice their support of the campaign. This is more than just an election—it's a movement to bring honesty and integrity to this district. I'm honored to have received these endorsements. #ForwardWithHonor


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes the first woman and Jewish person to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol.

Today, we say goodbye to a champion of the people. Tomorrow, we keep fighting for the values we believe in. #RBG

Election security is more important this year than ever. We all need to be watchdogs for disinfomation, violation of rights at the polls, and more. Our democracy could be truly at stake this November. #Protect2020

This race isn't just about beating Matt Gaetz. It's about electing a leader who will fight for the community, fight for small businesses, and fight against corruption in our government.

Great idea @GValimont! Let’s make this happen as Matt Gaetz continues to avoid the idea of debating, but is actively promoting his book. #GaetzWontDebate

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