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MMA/UFC fan // PS4 Twitch Streamer // PSN: Systm_Crsh // // @SystmCrshGaming

Joined on April 25, 2009

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2 months ago

Stipe doesnโ€™t want to fight Francis again because the first fight really wasnโ€™t close

2 more days of work. Friday stream coming in the afternoon! Iโ€™ll be playing #CallofDuty!! Let me know if I should do some Warzone or Hardcore Search and Destroy!!

We'll give a $2,000+ High Performance Gaming PC (special edition) to a random person who retweets this within the next 3 DAYS! This PC is STACKED with a RTX 2070 Super! To enter follow the steps at the link below #FreeGamingPCFriday

Bogatov was just out on his feet. this fight should be over. #UFCFightIsland

Just a reminder that my scheduled morning stream is moved to this afternoon! Come watch me play #Warzone for essentially the first time.

Think I'm going to try #Warzone friday for my stream. I've played it once before, but watching others stream it really made me want to give it a second chance. Tune in Friday to watch me die A LOT!

Thinking of changing my schedule. I like waking up early, but waking up early and rushing to stream right away has caused some pretty novice mistakes. I want to have a quality stream for viewers to enjoy. So I'll be moving my My schedule to Thu, Fri, and Sat. Noon-afternoon hours

If I stream again today, what do you want to see? I can noob it up on #CallofDuty. I could continue my campaign on #RedDeadRedemption2. Or I could try boosting my rank in #TomClancysRainbowSixSiege. Let me know

Thinking I might stream again today, the wife took the kids to grandmas and I have nothing better to do.

Well hard wiring with an ethernet cable certainly did the trick. Thanks to all who joined me in my stream. He'res to many many more!

Aye my buddy @SuperiorAim is on the road to 150 followers on #twitch. Help him out and give him a follow!!

Ya know, I haven't been on #twitch for more than maybe two weeks. I've already met some people who are cooler than the people I've known my whole life.

Hey if you enjoy #twitch streams, you should follow my gaming twitter @SystmCrshGaming to see when I go live! Come and BS sometime!!

I need to to have someone else do my graphics, emotes, and badges. LMAO fuuuuu

Torres won it. Van Buren waited WAY too long to try and turn the heat up. Last 15 seconds wont win you the fight. #UFCVegas3

Torres is doing too much hugging #UFCVegas3

A dominating display by Barriault. He got caught early in the second, but kept his composure and finished with a KO #UFCVegas3

10-9 Barriault. He took control of the center early in the fight, and has had control on the feet for the entirety of the 1st. #UFCVegas3

That whole fight was Robertsons fight, congrats #UFCVegas3

Casey needs to stuff the take down in round 3 or this is Robertsons fight #UFCVegas3

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