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We fixed Don Jr.’s crazy ad.

Quoted @kareemsakka

تسليع الرجال في مصر... مطابق للشريعة الإسلامية 😜

For a terrifyingly homophobic and dangerously anti-LGBT government in Egypt, this screams pretty gay.

Trump Tower in Chicago aglow with Biden-Harris light.

@H_MitchellPhoto @MaryAReed Too late! Republicans are guilty by association - and silence.

@TheBeachBoys Beach Boys proudly endorse....

@TheBeachBoys Beach Boys proudly endorse....

@PeteButtigieg Trump is an injured narcissist about to lose. He will say and do anything as his judgement day approaches. We should all be vigilant and watch his actions carefully.

@cher Hmmmmm tell him as it is Cher 😂😂

Turns out Twitter isn’t so bad when you read tweets that aren’t from President Trump.

Biden=Science, rationality, facts Trump=Superstition, rumors, conspiracy theories shouldn’t be a hard choice.

#MyNameIs Michelle Wing Kwan & in Chinese pinyin it's pronounced Guan Ying Shan. It means beautiful, strong and smart. What's not beautiful, strong or smart is mocking ppl for their 'foreign sounding' names. Join me in voting for @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris instead #Iwillvote

Bridgette Floyd—George Floyd’s sister—is asking us to back Biden. Biden is going to fight to stop police brutality. Trump wants the opposite.

Voting is your opportunity to be in the room where it happens. Don't throw away your shot:

Quoted @Acyn

The President mentions the Governor of Michigan, the crowd chants lock her up, and the President says lock them all up

This is exactly the rhetoric that has put me, my family, and other government officials’ lives in danger while we try to save the lives of our fellow Americans. It needs to stop.

Quoted @atrupar

For the second time in a single speech, Trump fans in Michigan direct "lock her up!" chants toward Gretchen Whitmer, who just weeks ago was the target of a kidnapping/assassination plot hatched by Trump supporters

These scenes that regularly play out and which too many have become numb to are not scenes from a healthy society.

ABC News
3 days ago

An island off the coast of Maine is celebrating the birth of a child — the first born there in more than nine decades.

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218,000 Americans dead of COVID-19. ‘This didn’t have to happen. #TrumpVirus

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