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Stand out amongst thousands. Blending in is for vegan soy boy cupcakes with emotional issues.

There was a time in history where you got a lot of game for your money on pc. So much game, no one man could know all the things...

No, Arroyo was NOT down. Diaz JUST took a kick to the face off of something similar. Muniz can contest this fight if he loses now, because without any rules being broken, she gave Muniz's opponent an advantage mid fight. Don't make excuses for bad behavior, she was wrong...

Francisco Trinaldo v Bobby Green is some of the best mid-fight footage for nightmare jiu jitsu. Bobby's getting slammed rolling out after nearly getting a kimura where Francisco is getting his leverage after Bobby goes for the arm hold.

It's 1 thing to make your opponent miss. It's another thing entirely when you can make him miss and catch the end of his gloves with yours, adding a bit of weight to his snap, making him work harder adding some weight to the end of his exchanges. Canelo is a mosnter.

Opening with the heavyweights is always nice. A banger of course, but lookboonmee right meow....

Maybe the reason some "heightened levels" showed up is because the @NateDiaz209 and @TheNotoriousMMA fight is the fight papa @danawhite and co want? Testing for an illegal potentially endogenous supplement isn't easy, i trust USADA, but I trust Nate more. This is crazy weird.

Keep puppers safe.

No matter what happens the end of the fight was going to be a no contest either tonight or after review of the rules. You can't open up your throat and make your lungs breath better mid fight. Diaz bros would be hitting the blunt, you know it man. No offense, but bad call comish.

How would you have reacted when the biggest game making business in history asks you how to make a game you just gave them the idea for... Finger in many pots, but DOTA was and is still my game from the bottom up. @steam_games @Steam_Support Valve treat me like I don't exist...

To see Mount and Blade: Warband still being played is a testament to the development. Those guys set the bar high enough that the value hasn't been lost for over a decade basically. Loved working with them.

The devs are now actively killing clash royal. Nice.

Welp, broke another one.

Welp, broke another one.

Keep your eyes open and swipe down on your face. Did you poke yourself or did your eye naturally shut and protect itself? "It's a cut or a bruise" isnt good enough Stephen's. Pics or it didnt happen...

Quoted @joerogan

Cattle Are Being Mutilated And Killed In Eastern Oregon. No One Is Sure How Or Why.

5 bulls this Summer, and a few miles away 2 years prior. No blood, razor sharp cuts, no bullet holes. The picture is real and it sounds like big bro, but that's where I think UFO tech is anyway. Why would smart things make dumb humans curious? Do they have a death wish?

Is @Cowboycerrone and @Justin_Gaethje actually about to fight this Saturday? I feel like I'm in this UFC peppered dream where reality doesn't feel real anymore. Send help! So spicy.... jk

Dos Santos watched some film on Li. This fight is so crazy, i can't believe we're going into a second round. The body kicks are brutal and Li is fast. @ufc #UFCShenzhen

All good supports use wards, but not all who use wards are good supports. Know your role. :^| #dota

Listening to Watching DOTA's The International Drankin' cream soda, easy ladies. I know you're like...

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