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Woman like you are worse than a F men in the army that sexually harrass women

Retired Air National Guard colonel apologizes for comments on Vanessa Guillen https://t.co/XPSdr4akds via @nbcnews

@CNN He is just as wacky and idiotic as trump...why would you even do a story about this?

@tedlieu @realDonaldTrump I didn’t listen, that always makes me feel better.

BS ,those who says that are either AH,s on the payroll trying to scare people, or just bunch of idiates the country has law ,constitution &an army to make sure it is not violated, not mr trump not anybody else can stand against people's will.

CNBC founder claims Trump has a specific plan in hand to stay in office no matter what the voters decide | Raw Story https://t.co/C8LZ86GION via rawstory

It seems that hotel clerk is more stupid than racist & she shouldn't have been working in a position dealing with public.

Worker calls police on Black woman staying at hotel - ABC News via @ABC - https://t.co/jA1lG6VHnz

Stupids do nothing but killing people they dont care about anybody just to have a F drunk party at the beach they should put them away in a camp so they can party to death

Arizona reports record spike in new coronavirus cases and deaths ahead of Pence's visit https://t.co/nXr8S0qGKI

Quoted @katintheville

@KamalaHarris @boldbizcoach What can we do to stop them now that @senatemajldr stacked the courts. This is a serious question, what can we do ?

#VoteOutTheGOP https://t.co/1A4wScxyUu

Funny & sad VP pence " I incourage people to wear masks" ,But I am not going to do it

@thomaskaine5 He is not going to resign. His narcissism won’t allow it. #VoteTrumpOut

@tedlieu @realDonaldTrump Raise your hand if you don't like presidents that are good with Putin paying bounties on our soldier's heads.

11 days ago

β€œSo far they were trying to get away with murder, actually, the murder of George Floyd.” https://t.co/BxcIhPlmdz

@keithboykin Trump himself, is the biggest threat to national security, that has ever exsisted.

Oznce again F coronaviruqse attacked my tweets & out of all my tweets today only one was posted don't know why maybe they go by numbers of followeres or by the politics that tweets is carry, censorship or it is just technical issues!!; lest wait & see

Seems like coronaviruse has attacked my tweets again & they just get disappeard ,please stop infecting my tweets!

It is very strength, most everybody is talking about the mr trump leadership &how corrupted & dangrouse he is to America & he is going to fight & won't go if even lose the election,but nobody F tell people what to do & how to do it so we can save the constitution & America .

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