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Code Phizzurp 5-20% off on these products I use! @Netduma @scufgaming @kontrolfreek | Professional Gamer 4 @h2kgg Inst Phiizzurp

Call of Duty
Joined on August 03, 2010

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Good vibes today, tournaments are just not fun anymore. Chilling and playing wagers with your friends is the move for me till iw

wrek is literally just bored of yall lol

papi wrek gets so bored he just changes his sens for fun

Stick & Move

Can't stream, it is what it is. sorry guys

2v2 GB SND Tournament starting now

4 years ago

Whoevers house that is on stronghold... prayers. The kitchen is upstairs like wut.

Pathetic for throttling me. @comcast

Pathetic for throttling me. @comcast

If im dropping frames on OBS could it be my computer or strictly internet?

top 10 bops 3 players no order vinny , karma, doss problems, spacely , wheats, nameless, john , phizzurp, nelson , kap

I made Gorgo & Wrek

PapiWrek can't beat me

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