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Postdoc and Clinician. Striving for pan-global access to sequencing-based diagnostics and translational-research in Virology and Infectious Diseases

Oxford, England
Joined on September 12, 2017

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Quoted @NHSuk

The @NHSCOVID19app is now available to the public in England and Wales 📲 Download today from: ➡️ Apple App Store: https://t.co/EnHDdr5mtg… ➡️ Google Play: https://t.co/sivYOhAkH3https://t.co/iHiNMYIknB

The NHS app is out! It can help protect us. It now needs us all to make it work. See the ad & download. However things works out, I am incredibly proud of my team at @bdi_oxford @OxfordMedSci, our collaborators, & our contributions to the epidemiology and science team at the app https://t.co/W8kyC5vc1S

Everyone you love is on your phone. Now, so is the app that helps protect them. Protect the ones you love, get the #NHSCOVID19app. 📱Download now: ➡️Google Play Store: https://t.co/VHeUifthBs ➡️Apple App Store: https://t.co/bs8z1pCUhZ Find out more: https://t.co/rzgGGmuV13 https://t.co/dVdoTlj3jg

Quoted @bricksilk

The Ministerial Code still mandates compliance with international law, despite a change to its wording, as the Court of Appeal confirmed in 2018: https://t.co/EELAJ7i5gi https://t.co/Q41tvvPhKL

The Ministerial Code still mandates compliance with international law, despite a change to its wording, as the Court of Appeal confirmed in 2018: https://t.co/EELAJ7i5gi https://t.co/Q41tvvPhKL

Have we actually reached the point where this needs to be said?! 😧 https://t.co/3VR2omwtlr

This is simply wrong. https://t.co/0C71QxpVXg. Herd immunity is not a strategy or a solution. It is surrender to a preventable virus.

Great to see early results with this new approach, setting a sound basis for more progress before the winter season kicks in. https://t.co/0X2gjmzNVX

I’ve been doing a a bit of fitness, but this is next level running 🏃🏻‍♂️. ..https://t.co/66FloDtiq1

Big story in the Telegraph, which says Public Health England could be scrapped *this week* and replaced by a pandemic response agency incorporating Test and Trace Years of institutional change are taking place in weeks https://t.co/alcIGHxqc5

Looking for R to drop to 0.6 is misunderstanding what R(eff) means. It’s a parameter that describes a complex system - suggesting it will go down from the current est 0.96 implies far greater restrictions or behaviour changes than current stage 4 lockdown. https://t.co/FLqrWNdKPx

I can also confirm that my own investigations using a VERY POWERFUL MAGNIFYING GLASS failed to detect a single oxygen particle trapped in either the weft or the warp of the cotton fabric used in my face covering. #Science

Quoted @trishgreenhalgh

I’ve just run 3 miles in a mask. Oxygen levels 99% throughout. Mask was unnecessary as I was outside and distant, but I wanted to see if I dropped dead as per some predictions. I didn’t.

Exceptional work from a world leading scientist adds to mounting evidence that oxygen molecules are NOT filtered from the air by cotton fabric😱 https://t.co/wawHEqJQCM

Supply of tests and vaccines is an international problem. Investment in biotech, logistics, tracing and digital systems should aim for national eradication with locally managed outbreaks. We must NOT forget about lower income settings in the process.

Quoted @JeremyFarrar

@RLB_1 @snellyradio @bbcmerseyside The time a test takes important but it is not just the time test takes, it is all logistics behind access to tests, how we can all easily get a test,data,how quickly result is available & reported back, how results lead to any needed behaviour change, to effective actions & more

Interesting discussion with @ChrisCEOHopson on the @BBCr4today programme. Yes U.K. testing should scale-up for the winter, but international perspective important. Daily U.K. testing capacity is 150000, Zambia is 500-1000 with 25% positive - can’t compete with the West for kits https://t.co/sNDqA4vpgo

Why do bacterial plasmids carry some genes but not others? Plasmids are less reliably inherited than the chromosome and genes are free to hop between plasmid and chromosome: so what keeps genes on plasmids? One answer with @Jana_Huisman and @sbonhoeffer: https://t.co/mLdduVlgAF

And with the added features (QR venue checkin and location risk information) we can use the app to carry on doing the things we enjoy, while safely and privately protecting others.

At even low rates of app usage in the population (15-20%), simulations by @ChristoPhraser team, in partnership with @Google show that infections can be prevented and lives can be saved...

Thanks to the work of the @turinginst and @markbriers. Digital contact tracing apps, used internationally, can now estimate infection risk more accurately, and if you receive a notification you can be sure that you HAVE been close to someone test-positive for COViD19.

There are many factors that are important in determining your risk of infection. contact tracing does not predict infection status accurately ... it evaluates risk.

Consider manual tracing: how accurately can you recall all of last weeks 15minute 2m contacts precisely from memory? You can’t, it’s an aide memoire, and accuracy is not critical.

“45% false positive” means receiving some notifications from infected people you were close to, but not within 2m for 15 mins. Who cares? The virus doesn’t. You may well have been within 2m, and close enough and long enough to catch their virus (which takes seconds not minutes).

The app has been rigoursly tested.The only way you can receive a notification from the app is if you were CLOSE to someone who tests positive for COVID. The discussion about false positives is around how close is close...

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