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Grateful Aware Conscious Theosophical Sapiosexual Consultant. Business Optimizer. Entrepreneur. +1.786.879.2217 @OneJarConsult @WorldVsPlasitc

Miami, FL
Joined on May 16, 2011

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Just posted a photo @ Miami, Florida https://t.co/g1KaI7qsP3

Just posted a photo @ Peacock Park https://t.co/qUjCOJAvND

Just posted a photo @ Thoughts in My Mind https://t.co/yWboT2mS7M

Just posted a photo https://t.co/R3te1NIRJl

Magnetic #Energy 🧲⚡️ The #vibration of being who you are and doing what you #love 💚 is #Magnetic! 🧲 You’ll #align with Everything you need in life with this #Energy. ⚡️ #LawOfAttraction #Manifest #CreateReality… https://t.co/zhZj1B5pPH

It’s exciting when you can feel the momentum building. ♻️🌏💚 @worldvsplastic “Let’s save our World from plastic.” *Pulls friend card* 😋 Friends please follow, like, share, join the #WVPmovement! & read below.… https://t.co/aAUx9a41at

It’s exciting when you can feel the momentum building. ♻️🌏💚 @worldvsplastic “Let’s save our World from plastic.” *Pulls friend card* 😋 Friends please follow, like, share, join the #WVPmovement! & read below.… https://t.co/I9cDvH5V4m

Be the change. Stand for a #cause. Discover your #passion. #ActNow! We’re on #quarantine anyways. My action is @worldvsplastic Like Follow Share friends 🙏🏼 We need everyone’s help to save the #World from… https://t.co/TqtA2bgJSq

Happy #Friday friends and fam :)! Enjoy the weekend! ... and yes, this guy is making dope #beats with #watermelons and #kiwis (play till end) 🍉 🥝 🎶 💃🏽 Everything is possible 😉 Video cred neoworldofpanda Always… https://t.co/SHXeFCYWwS

The small things add up to the big things! #Fractals ✨ - Spend your time #diligently. - Be #kind to your self. - #Explore what interests you. - Meet your #tribe in the process. - Create your life with your… https://t.co/xObfqubYdq

See you soon #LizardPeople 🦎😅 #2020 #JumanjiLevel9 ・ ・ ・ A new giant 'crater' 50 meters deep opens in the Arctic tundra. Although looking at the images it may seem something extraordinary, in fact this is the… https://t.co/kTic02VNQK

Happy #FullMoon 🌕 ✨ The full moon is a great way to keep track of yourself, your goals, and your growth in 30 day sprints. At different phases of the moon cycle, you focus on your self, what you want, how to get… https://t.co/a78aaZa8JE

Awesome #SundayFunday with cleanthisbeachup and founder @mariajoalgarra Collecting over 15,000 lbs of plastic waste here in #Miami! You are an inspiration for how much can be done by a motivated person and their… https://t.co/H7d3b0v1nN

I have been a member of World Vs Plastic Team Plastic for 1 month. I have supported #WVPcommunity projects in collecting (53.28) pounds of plastic! https://t.co/85pp9kzZ2p #WVPcommunity #TeamPlasticPositive

#Journaling and #logging my #thoughts and #ideas helps navigate my #mind best. 🧠 🗺 When writing things down, It also becomes more likely you #accomplish your #goals. Here I logged my thought and outlined my… https://t.co/qcJxjYIkrM

I have removed 53.28 pounds of plastic waste from the environment in just 1 month as a member of #WorldVsPlastic #TeamPlasticPositive Join our tribe to eliminate your #plasticFootprint https://t.co/85pp9kzZ2p

The most moving image I’ve ever seen. ・・・ @TheNew_Activist ✊🏼 #TheNewAnimalActivist “Animals apparently have more empathy than we do. The animal rights activist becomes overwhelmed with emotion while documenting… https://t.co/Ss3T49TTDs

Happy Friday Friends! What would you change to help improve the world? This is your cause! Comment below anything you’d work to solve knowing you would succeed! ✊🏼🙂 Be the change you want to see in the world… https://t.co/xvjPArEU4i

If you knew you couldn’t fail... what challenge would you take on? What’s your cause? The inspiration for @TheNew_Activist Identifying things in the world we want to improve and doing it! ✊🏼 Check out… https://t.co/gLiMkrgkuZ

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