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.@CourtneyBVance, father of 14-year-old twins, reminds us the importance of VOTING. #OWNSpotlight on @OWNTV https://t.co/AJOdbb15lQ

.@KillerMike, father of four children, says we shouldn’t have people that don’t look like the people in the community policing those communities by themselves. #OWNSpotlight on @OWNTV https://t.co/5nfKUZLkrB

Like most parents, Frank Cooper says whether your kids are six, seven, or grown and out the house, you never stop worrying about them. #OWNSpotlight on @OWNTV https://t.co/tfdxIOnnLW

George Floyd’s death has caused a lot of Black parents to have THE TALK earlier than they had planned. @beleafmel is a stay-at-home father of four who also found himself having it with his two kids recently. #OWNSpotlight on @OWNTV https://t.co/ZR6HhaVBKz

Joining me for this important conversation will be @tylerperry, @CourtneyBVance, @KillerMike, and fathers who are married, single, gay, professionals, and are stay-at-home. Tune in tonight for our #OWNSpotlight special, “Oprah & 100 Black Fathers” at 10|9c on @OWNTV.

Today I’m speaking with 100 Black fathers to better understand the emotional toll they endure and how they show up for their children, their family, and their community. https://t.co/1yeBBjLoYH

Quoted @ImKeithDavid

All smiles with my beautiful daughters as we celebrate our final @GreenleafOWN season premiere night together! #Greenleaf https://t.co/QxjEtTuL8A

All smiles with my beautiful daughters as we celebrate our final @GreenleafOWN season premiere night together! #Greenleaf https://t.co/QxjEtTuL8A

Hey Y’all👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 get ready to take your bows. This season EXCELLENCE shining ! #Greenleaf https://t.co/vxIkaNzL3J

So happy to see you #Greenleaf family out here Trending! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

They take us to the Mountaintop! The fifth and final season of @GreenleafOWN premieres tonight at 9|8c on @OWNTV. #Greenleaf https://t.co/7qawqbJakH

James McBride joins us now to talk about “Deacon King Kong” and how he felt being selected as @oprah's pick for @oprahsbookclub. https://t.co/8Nr0ChW8GN

In championing this book, I also champion all Black authors during the #BlackoutBestSellerList challenge. Readers are being called this week to buy two books by a Black writer to lift their voice. And this one is a great choice! Download a copy here: https://t.co/PEpCT7oNE8

My next @oprahsbookclub pick, “Deacon King Kong” by James McBride, is a reminder that while we struggle with pain and trauma, we can always find shelter in one another—just like the characters in this novel. https://t.co/e3vWLHYNKV

For my latest episode, I sit down with four of the Galvin children, who reveal their thoughts on the book and tell us what life was like inside the house at Hidden Valley Road. Watch our interview on @appletv: https://t.co/Br7yX87hsU #ReadWithUs

Two months ago, I invited you to take a walk with @oprahsbookclub through “Hidden Valley Road” by @bobkolker. It told the story of the Galvins, a family of 12 kids, six whom developed schizophrenia at a time where no one knew how to treat it—& somehow still remained a family. https://t.co/lUtxUuDV6T

“We need to say: We’re going to breathe more life into this democracy because all these protests that we see is really justice trying to breathe.”- @RevDrBarber #OWNSpotlight https://t.co/lqhHr8TDtG

We also have a list of organizations to use as resources to learn more about the ongoing fight for racial and social justice. Visit https://t.co/3w5zS7nKLE for more. #OWNSpotlight @OWNTV

If you missed part two of our #OWNSpotlight special, “Where Do we Go From Here?” on @OWNTV, you can watch it now on my Facebook page here: https://t.co/nKqBDJYMMt

Thank you to @ava, @staceyabrams, @RevDrBarber, @keishabottoms, @nhannahjones, @DrIbram, @rashadrobinson, Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, and #DavidOyelowo for your words and actions. #OWNSpotlight

“I want all the Karens to unite…Call your manager about justice. Call somebody up about the things you want done. Take that on for yourself and stand in between what we want and the problem and kind of getting in its face.”- @ava #OWNSpotlight https://t.co/5CkmmAz6pw

.@staceyabrams understands more than anyone on this panel that voter suppression is real or else we’d be referring to her as Governor Abrams today. Her ask from this moment? “Vote like your life depends on it because as we see every day, it does.” #OWNSpotlight https://t.co/ZwLA0VvUOi

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