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Coordinator of Pitching Sciences @SFGiants. Author, Hacking the Kinetic Chain — Advanced Pitching. Everything matters.

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Nine months since first reading the book, was finally able to drop a HTKC reference on air. Slo-mo footage from between innings at the end. Tried my best. @drivelinebases @OneGun45

Whoa this is awesome! Nice description!

OFFICIAL: #SFGiants have signed RHP R.J. Dabovich, the 114th overall selection from this year’s First-Year Player Draft. PRESS RELEASE:

So hopefully that makes sense as to what my original tweet from 3 years ago meant. Different pitchers compensate differently but a pretty sound general model to use is lead leg stability ➡️ torso/hip rotation ➡️ continued stability and torso/hip rotation ➡️ lead knee extension.

This is another example of how, even though energy is stored and released up the kinetic chain, the upper body kinematics can influence lower body kinematics. It would be awesome if you only had to look one direction to identify sequencing issues but such is life.

Instead, based on the context at our disposal, the hypothesis should be that torso rotation velocities cause a correlation with lead knee extension velocities. The speed of lead knee extension results from speed of torso rotation, not the other way around.

So yes, the lead leg should be decreasing in flexion as the torso and hips rotate but just because lead knee extension velocity is correlated to torso rotation velocities DOES NOT mean that it CAUSES faster torso rotation! Remember, correlation does not always equal causation.

A lead leg that increases in flexion from foot plant ➡️ ball release leads to inadequate torso rotation, but so does a lead leg that locks out early. Ppl seem to look at javelin throwers as the “superior” throwers but their overly linear torso unwinding is not ideal for pitching.

The straightening happens as the torso and hips continue to rotate after ball release while simultaneously minimizing how much the center of mass moves towards the target. For this to occur, the lead hip must express adequate internal rotation, among other mobility variables.

The side view: @Cheatcode07 was one of the best movers I’ve ever had the chance to be around. Look closely, the lead leg stays flexed through ball release and doesn’t straighten until well after the ball is gone. He basically sustains stability through the deceleration phase.

If a position of strength is important throughout torso rotation then it’s fair to say that you don’t want the lead leg to be soft or to lock out too soon. Too much and too little knee flexion both compromise the ability to sustain force application towards the target (X-plane).

If the lead leg’s job is to provide a stable base then naturally it needs to be in a position of strength as the torso turns. Usually this means a slightly flexed position; Think about how you would stop your center of mass when you land after doing a broad jump.

The lead leg “block” is NOT the extension of the lead knee, merely the stable base the lead leg provides to prevent the center of mass from continuing in a linear direction as the torso begins to turn. This distinction is important to lead into what I’m going to say next.

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Parts of a great lead leg block: 1) lead knee stabilizes after SFC. Obvious 2) leg braces/extends as internal rotation happens at lead hip

This is worth revisiting because it could’ve been articulated better at the time. I think we can all agree that 3D analysis is better than 2D, however, the side view paints a decent picture of what I’d like to articulate. So here it goes, lead leg after foot plant, a thread⬇️

PSA to Baseball Community: let's prioritize sleep. Bad sleep = decreased immunity to sickness and virus. Block out light, crank AC, limit booze, sun & sweat during day, cold shower at night. Good sleep in ST is tough, but marginal gains matter.

This is outstanding. Little League was broadcasting one of our games from 2004 and I caught it just in time for @RGrich15 to get intentionally walked to load the bases and then for me to hit a grand slam. If you watch until the end you’ll see a little Sammy Sosa hop as well.

New YT video is a general update on the channel and how you can (and can’t) help out with content ideas.

I’m not sure who needs to see this but if you have some sort of leather loop on your keychain and you use elevators often then you can use this technique to avoid touching the buttons with your fingers

Sam Coonrod looking strong on the mound. #SFGiants

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OFFICIAL: #SFGiants have added the following players to the player pool. • Camilo Doval • Luis Toribio • Chadwick Tromp • Will Wilson The roster now stands at 56 players.

Doval was having a lights out spring training before the shutdown. He’s made a lot of progress in the past year and I’m really excited for him to get this opportunity.

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