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🔊 A conversation with @pattonoswalt. We talked about parenting, loss and the power of comedy in tough times. https://t.co/yZebIluiO3

Monday: What can we learn from the literature of pandemics? We talked to authors @GeraldineBrooks @lawrence_wright and Tom Perrotta. Monday, 11 a.m. ET.

Monday: The New Deal may have saved the country from the great Depression. But it wasn’t one clean package wrapped in political consensus. We looked at the real, messy process that pulled the U.S. out of economic freefall. Monday, 10 a.m. ET.

Audio is up: Imagine returning to Earth after nearly a year in a space shuttle — only to find much of the planet in lockdown, a global pandemic spreading fast. That's what @Astro_Christina was greeted with when she returned from space in February. We talked to her about it.

Listen back: We talked about what happened in 1930, the year after the Great Depression, and what lessons we can learn as the economic downturn from the pandemic continues. David Kennedy and @JackBeattyNPR joined us.

Listen: We sat down with @Astro_Christina to talk about what it's like to return to Earth after 11 months in space — only to find much of the world in lockdown, guarding against a global pandemic.

Listen: We looked back to 1930, the year after the Great Depression, to see what lessons we could glean about how to deal with a collapsing economy. David Kennedy and @JackBeattyNPR joined us.

Big thanks to Shawn @sedwardskc and Alissa Wilkinson @alissamarie for a really fun conversation about summer flicks. Check it out https://t.co/hVRlOS0BdU via @OnPointRadio

Today: Back in May we talked to astronaut Christina Koch, who had just completed a record-setting 11-month spaceflight in February when she returned home to a nation in lockdown. Listen to our conversation with @Astro_Christina at 11.

Today: In this rebroadcast from May, we looked back to 1930, the year after the start of the Great Depression. What lessons did we learn about how best to move forward with a suffering economy? David Kennedy and @JackBeattyNPR joined us.

Tomorrow: Astronaut Christina Koch spent a record 11 months in space before returning to Earth in February. We talked to her about what it's like to leave a space station, only to be confined in your own home under lockdown. Tomorrow, 11 a.m. ET.

Tomorrow: Signs point to a possible economic depression in the near future, triggered by the pandemic. In a rebroadcast from May, we look at the year after the Great Depression to see what lessons we can glean for today, w/ David Kennedy & @JackBeattyNPR. Tomorrow, 10 a.m. ET.

Audio is up: The pandemic makes this summer blockbuster season a very different one. We talked about what it might look like, and what movies to look out for this year, wherever you watch them. @sedwardskc and @alissamarie joined us.

Had fun on @OnPointRadio talking about the summer movie season alongside @sedwardskc today! Whole show is here: https://t.co/IUxmD3jv1X

Listen back: Is the Republican Party destroying itself? That's the question @tompharvard asks in his new book. We talked to him and other Republicans about their divergent visions for the party's future. @tompharvard @Timodc @mattsgorman and @KimberlyEAtkins joined us.

@sedwardskc @alissamarie "Hollywood is a very risk-averse world, and the big theater chains are as well," says @alissamarie. "I'm curious to see if it's actually the smaller, more nimble production companies, chains and artists who are able to adapt better."

@sedwardskc @alissamarie One movie both @sedwardskc and @alissamarie agree is a must-see: Spike Lee's "Da 5 Bloods." "If I were picking best picture, this would probably be it," says @alissamarie.

@sedwardskc @alissamarie "One of the benefits of the summer movie season being effectively canceled is that a lot of small movies have come out that might not have gotten much airtime," says @alissamarie, spotlighting a "The Vast of Night."

@sedwardskc @alissamarie "The theatrical experience is gone, but let's be honest: The theatrical experience was in trouble pre-pandemic," says @sedwardskc. "Theater exhibitors were already worried about the increasing popularity of people watching movies via streaming."

@sedwardskc @alissamarie Movie theaters speculated they might reopen in early July. With a new wave of spikes in coronavirus cases, that's not happening anymore. "I don't think anyone's going to be able to see anything new theatrically until the early part of next year," says @sedwardskc.

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