Fighting a Migraine

Fighting a Migraine



Call me Migs. #WritingCommunity. Host of #vsspic #DraftFolderFriday #OneWordWednesday. Living the manufactured life at the end of a dark ominous hallway. All©

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@OminousHallways "Love says 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing.' Between the two, my life flows." ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

September 16, 2020 Disaster still hovers, surrounds us, makes us feel we'll implode, so fragile, so touchy, so vulnerable, so brittle these nerves, these bones. I'm not alone in spirit, but I know this road is mine to shuffle along. I play sad songs. I go on. #mentalhealthprompts

Our house Is our shelter Our world Our everything A house of worship A house of education A house of healing A house of arts It is a restaurant A bar A movie theater A spa As chaos Rules The world In fiery fear Our home Remains Our sanctuary Our blessing #poetry

If less is more, is nothing everything?

I usually ask permission first rather than ask forgiveness later, although sometimes I do both, and apologize in the middle for no apparent reason.

@OminousHallways @ThatBurntWriter @Fizzytwizler @derickijohnson @TheDemonQueen00 Through flash of lightning And pelting rain Through fires of hell Torment and pain Cometh She Utterly insane Epithany Shall play Her game "It's called Murder"

I am a continuous series of bodily functions, seasoned with occasional random sentient thoughts. #Life

The wildfires Of his life Raged Around him He choked On thick air The very earth Trembled Wind thru The trees Gave warning Of greater storms He fell prostrate Immobile The fire within Extinguished He was a puddle Face down in Mucousy meldrops On tear-stained pillows #vss365

Quoted @SoulMamaSays

@tinagwee @DavidJCourt Mavis Staples is a national treasure! This is my most recent favorite.

Good morning. I started my day with this. Mavis Staples (with Jeff Tweedy), You Are Not Alone. Felt good.

Now. I. Can. Speak. One. At. A. Time. I. Must. Slow. Down. The. World. And. Ev..ery..thing. In. It. If. I. Slow. Down. Maybe. The. Bad. News. Will. Stop.

She embodied All that’s right & just This woman on TheBench No politics Just “Rule Of Law” & compassion’s Common sense For all of this & more We trusted Ginsburg in the clench Glorious Notorious RGB Our thanks Thin recompense (RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg—you’ll be missed) #vss365

Broke into a million pieces Picked them up And made my life’s collage #Poetryin13 #Collage

Noise cancelling headphones are not enough. I need an everything cancelling outfit. #DraftFolderFriday

My decision not to watch the news worked well until the news found me.

An amazing person. You'll be missed and remembered. #RBG

*clicks link to video —nothing *clicks link to video —nothing *click links to video with force —nothing *clicks fucking link to goddam video with excessive force ten times while swearing... —13 tabs with the video open and begin to play *remembers to practice patience.

*Zoom shirt deactivated...

It is Finished-Last-Zoom-Call-Of-The-Working-Week-O'Clock.

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