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Ok @ChocolatePuma @tommiesunshine @bartbmore @LaidbackLuke Fellas I was digging into #classic #dance music and found ‘Cherry Coke “ by No Hagas El Indio, Haz El Cherokee Wow! I use to jump around in my room to this classic1 🤪😜😋😬

Time to get crazy 🤪

Mom movie time 🙃 — watching Just Mercy at Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema https://t.co/cqciIHzqzU

Hmmmm. . . What to do during crummy weather? ☔️ — watching 1917 at Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema https://t.co/WfYfP6V7PJ

Movie time with Mom — watching Uncut Gems at Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema https://t.co/2lgjpRLQK7

Thank God that year is over. Hoping for a better 2020 — feeling hopeful

OMG Anderson and CNN and all the shots is cracking me up!

Let’s see how it goes — watching Cats the Movie at Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema https://t.co/dhreJc0NLR

Dats a spicya meat-a-ball — eating dinner with beloved family♥ at Olive Garden https://t.co/5ZCNN9lL69

It’s finally that time. “This is the way” — watching Star Wars Movies at Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema https://t.co/acojHdSwQb

I am in absolutely in love with this dog and tear up every time 😢🥰😘😍 https://t.co/KdZ8sehDtf

Gotta love Danny Devito — watching Jumanji at Malco Jonesboro Towne Cinema https://t.co/Pc8BlBBi95

“I’m Blarney Kilakilarney”

What the crap traffic

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