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0 / 100 A group of terror that spews,racism,hatred and dictatorship,with no regard for the law nor parliament,how civilize is this? Why is this kind of uncouth behaviour allowed? How do a country attract investment? What if others behave the same ? All credit goes to himself,and the country who gave him the oppertunity to excel. I think the universe will always be an enigma,too powerful to comprehend to humanity's thinking. Seems an endless journey of research,sometimes dead ends. I have the greatest respect for scientists,understand that science are organised knowledge. Think, main purpose of science is simplicity,as more things are understood,everything becomes simpler. Information on c/changes written 80's,gives relevant info. Proclaimed prophets,just be using God's name,powerful to lure the weak and gullible,to donate money and enrich themselves. These humans,don't determent life/ death, can't save the world from this virus,nor climatic changes. They prey on the vulnerables. I don't have an answer to this. But what I could do is forward to whoever would like to read the article on climatic changes from scientists in the 80's,it may give some insight to their research and findings. My email is private,I could fax or send elsewh Jupiter,Satan are the two biggest planets. Are the any planets in the universe that don't have nature's disasters? Some geophysicists,believe certain positions of planets, relate to major earthquakes,adds t possibility of the pole shift,80's info. They earn a salary,live in luxury,and their family,not concerned about those living in poverty and struggling to survive,as long as they reap the benifit of luxury. They come into politics for the peaks,and speak a lot of crap to the people as if they care It's evil to profit from the slaughter of animals,when humans earn salaries. Scientists warn of the decimation of the rain forest and the slaughter of animals with regard to climatic changes. Not only animals that would be wiped out by c/change,humans to. Nothing surprises how brutally evil some humans can be. I don't have mercy for human scum,that's so evil to innocent animals. Hope the same comes their way. No doubt,humans took this great planet Earth for granted,destroyed the good f the power of money and greed. Maybe humans will learn after th holocaust of climatic changes. There are the natural laws of c/c,which we seem n to acknowledge,only take precuatio The era of greatest destruction, they predict, will occur in the second period. Further shocks in the Earth's crust,more earthquakes,subsequent tidal waves,w most of Japan dissapearing under the sea. When this happens,w spark volcanic activity Mt Vesuvius The right to protest against any form of racism and oppression. The same should have be done against the magnitude of fraud &corruption,that denied people the right to survive. Would S.A.,end up as the rest of Africa,as a unstable country? Irrespective of race,which many use to credit themselves,and avoid truth. Humans who run state enterprises,should at least be competent and honourable,if so, things things won't end in disaster,and the burden put on citizens to suffer. Let's speak truth and reality first,according to scientists on article on c/c,written in 80's,nothing in the world will stop the laws of nature,changes has always happened. Markets systems will be destroyed,so will life,time delayed bec of human thinking My understanding:Climate,General weather over a long period of time. Weather:State of the atmosphere at a place at any time in terms of temperature. All countries w experience climatic changes,S.A. no exception. Africa will suffer vast inundations & earth shifts. All countries take action and prepare, planet/E has always undergone changes. How do one stop nature when it unleash destruction? Strange how history repeats itself. I think most cat lovers,animal lovers respect what has been said,or found. But humans are the very worst at destroying just about everything good of nature and animals,the slaughter of wild animals,land/sea,destruction of their habitat etc. Change humans. Antartica will change,according to the article on c/c,scientist wrote in the 80's. Read Antartica was once lush Forest. It is known land masses h sunk,others rises,drifting of continents etc. Forces of nature and th sea. Changes nothing new to planet Earth

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