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to vote against feeding poor children during a pandemic where parents are being denied universal credit, made redundant, unable to find new jobs bc the state of the economy, increasing costs EVERYWHERE etc just wow. but a pay rise for mp’s is apparently a necessity..?

@Takayuuki_art I'm Far More Honest & REAL, than you Hacks, Selfish & Faithless put together. I Chase Nazis on FB & Offered tonnes of FREE Portraits to Redditors, etc != You LOT just $tingy, Laugh4Nothing & Produce Shit & Watch Earthistani Burn! Good Day, Hypos/Losers #art #ArtistOnTwitter

Anyday is a good day to track unfollowers... not really, but https://t.co/TngZNWlmoI makes it easy to track and unfollow back.

Quoted @SamCoatesSky

BREAKING: Boris Johnson says the UK must prepared for no trade deal with the EU from Jan 1 Says EU not willing to give UK a Canada style deal If the EU comes back "with a fundamental change of opinion" then the UK will listen. But says that doesn't sound likely after the summit

In the midst of a pandemic where people are already losing their jobs , this govt want to impose upon us a No Deal Brexit. May they never be forgiven. https://t.co/Kd6GTK4E6R

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