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Lunch went ok, still feeling very spaced and tired but not quite so on the edge. #hashimotos

Brain fog hits the efficient most hard. I NEVER forget. I'm ALWAYS in control. I keep my plates spinning. But, when a #flareup comes, I'm useless. #hashimotos

He sent me back to bed and told me to stay there. Feel guilty. Our son has #ASD and needs both of us to be present as his behaviour is intense. #hashimotos

Husband understood. Flare ups happen this badly every few months. Various triggers. Weather, stress, over exercise, undereating, my son's autism/anxiety - I could go on. #hashimotos

He asked me what I needed, I told him I needed to be treated like my leg was falling off or I had a really bad dose of the flu. Because, that's how I feel. #hashimotos

Husband said gently, that's enough on the tray now. I burst into tears and kept saying over and over, "I couldn't tell." #hashimotos

Decided to have potato waffles, put some on the baking tray and just stared at them. I was trying to could how many there was. I couldn't. I forgot how to count. #hashimotos

Had a go at my husband because he hadn't started the roast we were having for lunch. Felt dizzy. Felt annoyed. Felt broken. #hashimotos

Can't think straight, went downstairs as it was almost lunch time. Brain fog and balance was awful. Body felt heavy. #hashimotos

He sent me off to bed again for sleep we both know will come but won't be restorative. Slept for an hour, woke up more tired. #hashimotos

Husband kept asking me what was wrong, couldn't articulate. Only that it felt like my body was shutting down. Could see the worry in his eyes. #hashimotos

Made a healthy breakfast, ate it and fell asleep on the chair. Slept on and off until 10.30am. Talking was hard. Felt spaced. Felt lost. #hashimotos

Woke up at 7am. Body felt heavy, eyes were sore, throat swollen. Dragged myself downstairs, couldn't form words. Felt awful.#hashimotos

If you go ANYWHERE with food or drink PLEASE take a bag for your RUBBISH and TAKE IT HOME. #DontBeATosser @KeepBritainTidy Our litter is our responsibility, it’s not down to “the council”, they collect from our homes, they shouldn’t have to collect it from our beaches.

What Loneliness Looks Like When You're Married And Are A Mother // so frigging relatable. via @mashsummerhays

I really didn't want to come back to work today after a lovely weekend. #wfm #WorkFromHome

3 months ago

Do racists who claim to be Christian realize that Jesus was not a white man?!?

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