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Survival Number: [ ser-vahy-vuh l - nuhm-ber ] noun The amount of money you need to survive each month. @investinglatina

Because of the financial pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, now through April 2021 you can check your report weekly for free. @bylisabernardi

"I have decent savings but I haven’t even begun to save for my young children’s college fund. What should I do to start?” Welcome to "Ask Suze," where finance expert @SuzeOrmanShow answers YOUR questions. Check out Suze's Women & Money podcast: #AskSuze

With fewer overhead costs than a brick and mortar bank, you may find online-only banks are willing to pass on the cost savings and give you a more competitive interest rate. @TaylorMooreRV

A CD is for those who have enough in liquid savings, and they can afford to lock up a portion of it in exchange for higher interest rates. @TaylorMooreRV

If you’re serious about buying a home, get preapproved for a mortgage before looking at homes to have a clear idea of what you can afford. @alex_gailey

When applying for unemployment, make sure not to leave ANYTHING blank. An incomplete application can delay your case or cause it to be rejected entirely. @bylisabernardi

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Like it or not, your credit score follows you for life. Understanding the consequences of your credit score, good or bad, sets you up to make your next financial move. @bylisabernardi

“Unplanned expenses can happen at any time, and nothing helps you sleep better at night than knowing you have some money put away just in case,” says @BankrateGreg. @kendallnlittle

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hey everybody! we're looking for people who have taken money out of their retirement accounts this year (or are thinking about it) even if they're far from retirement. email or DM me if you or someone you know is willing to share. it's for a @NextAdvisor story.

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There are a lot of companies vying for your business, which means you have to be extra careful about weighing your options. @TaylorMooreRV

💰So you want to open a savings account, but aren't sure where to find the best rate? Find the best savings account rates in your zip code here:

How much are closing costs on a house? Typically 3 to 6% of the purchase price.

Even in a time of crisis, "the ultimate goal is to still contribute to a retirement account," says Erin Lowry @brokemillenial

A 15-year term can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It will also stick you with a higher monthly payment.

What's your "creditworthiness?" Your interest rate depends on it. @TaylorMooreRV

It might be the biggest check you ever write in your life — and the amount you choose to pay can affect your monthly budget for decades. @kendallnlittle

Establishing your emergency fund is kind of like starting an exercise routine: You've got to start from where you are. @kendallnlittle

How to Spot and Fix Mistakes in Your Credit Report by @alex_gailey with@NFCC

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