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The sun rises on a misty morning on the Alpe di Siusi, the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe

The sun rises on a misty morning on the Alpe di Siusi, the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe

The U.K. has the highest number of COVID-19 fatalities in Europe, and shifting diagnoses can leave loved ones without answers

The predators that some feared would wipe out elk have instead proved to be a stabilizing force

Treacherous seas, slipping on penguin guano, tent-shredding wind. Here's what it took to identify the southernmost tree in the world

Diving in these deep waters surrounded by islands and reef systems offers a glimpse of all types of life

The new rule was designed “without regard to concerns for the health and safety of students, instructors, and others,” says Harvard University President Larry Bacow

While some portions of the trails are closed, hikers can take the opportunity to explore shorter sections responsibly

The sheer number and variety of castles suggests how profoundly the fortresses reflect Wales’ tumultuous history

Teamwork makes the dream work—especially when fending off predators

A comet called NEOWISE will be visible in Northern Hemisphere skies until mid-August—if you know where to look

Thousands of miles from its native range, a single beluga was spotted off the coast of San Diego—the farthest south this species has ever been officially recorded

That's all for now. Thanks for joining us. Stay safe, stay vigilant! ICYMI: Today, I spoke with @WNYC's Science Friday (@SciFri) about airborne coronavirus. You can listen to the full episode below

The cases aren't being exaggerated. We're in real trouble here. There is still time to turn the tide, but only if we work together.

You can find more of those dispatches here:

"For all, it has challenged how they identify and express themselves. But this city has been forged by challenge for hundreds of years." by @cabrasted and @visionsandverbs

"Life here is very hands on, very close. People live crammed together and are always mingling. They swap or share food, drink, drugs, alcohol, money." by Michael Christopher Brown and @NinaStrochlic

"These aren’t just numbers; they’re lives. People are losing loved ones to a virus that’s hitting communities of color harder." by Sebastián Hidalgo and @NinaStrochlic

So, I recommend that people try to consume culture-centered coverage of COVID-19 on a regular basis such as...

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@NatGeo @MoNscience There’s a lot of conspiracy theories saying the amount of cases are exaggerated so that hospitals & states can get more money. How do we know what’s true ?

The internet makes it harder to perceive the suffering of others. We have never been more connected, and yet we struggle to conceive of the reality beyond our screens.

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