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NTV Kenya
16 minutes ago

What Keeps Tearing Kapedo Up? Kapedo hits the headlines every year with cases of insecurity, which follow the same pattern. Residents are left homeless, destitute and having to pick up their lives before the cycle begins. #NTVWeekendEdition @leilakhatenje @SmritiVidyarthi https://t.co/pAvNyszE66

NTV Kenya
25 minutes ago

Magical Kenya Drama: @cindyogana: We should have started from home. @DaddieMarto: This is why Lupita 'was inaccessible'. #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/T6hb5H2mfY

NTV Kenya
34 minutes ago

Lupita laughs off Balala's claim that she was 'inaccessible' for ambassadorial job. #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/HbMMF0PY5j

NTV Kenya
41 minutes ago

Senator sues KQ for downgrading her to economy class. Kwamboka says the downgrade ruined her holiday plans, wants a refund. Thoughts? #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/coRUt9y4Cv

CS Balala lands in balaa... Ahead on #NTVWeekendEdition https://t.co/st4zgBSCZt

CS Magoha orders schools to confiscate sanitisers from learners. #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/yz2BTTJeuI

Four 'hustlers' arraigned for demanding handouts, wheelbarrows at UDA offices. @cindyogana: If you ask people to come to your campaign and give them promises, honour your pledge. #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/rnUNmY8TGD

Man breaks his leg after stealing a mobile phone and jumping from a storey building, Nairobi. Thoughts? #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/LgWOoon0za

Robbers raid Prime Bank, make away with millions of money. Thoughts? #TTTT #HeyAmina https://t.co/UlHx8xdpxD

On average, it takes 10 years to develop a vaccine ~ Dr. Sammy Ndungu. #TheWickedEdition @Dr_Kingori https://t.co/G8e4nRLnuV

Mitindo mbalimbali ya nguo za krocheti inayofumwa kwa kutumia uzi. #Ulimbwende @bugufatuma https://t.co/1D36ypL6x1

'Today we have 26 diseases that are vaccine preventable,' how do vaccines work?

Watch #TheWickedEdition with @Dr_Kingori now. 

Livestream: https://t.co/BYLHsTnOVw https://t.co/HKNjHz2xcb

'Today we have 26 diseases that are vaccine preventable,' how do vaccines work? Watch #TheWickedEdition with @Dr_Kingori now. Livestream: https://t.co/BYLHsTnOVw https://t.co/HKNjHz2xcb

Ati Ati Ya Tiati Na Kapedo: Jumla ya maafisa wanne wamefariki katika oparesheni inayoendelea eneo la Kapedo. Idadi ya watu waliouawa kwenye oparesheni hiyo sasa imefika tisa. #NTVWikendi @leilakhatenje @Nuru_AbdulAziz https://t.co/pguhVSWorX

Oparesheni - Fagia Kapedo: Viongozi na wafanyibiashara maarufu ndio wanunuzi wa bunduki zinazotumika na majambazi eneo la Kapedo. Serikali pia inasema eneo hilo hupokea bunduki na risasi haramu kutoka kaunti jirani. #NTVWikendi @NBrygettes @Nuru_AbdulAziz https://t.co/R1aq1BtBVd

Americans make fun of ex-president Trump as he exits office. #NTVTonight @OBurrows @SmritiVidyarthi https://t.co/vRGFpAFWjS

Focus On The 'Begger' Picture: Four people arrested in Kiambu for posing as persons with disabilities and extorting money from the public. #NTVTonight @JaneNgoiri @SmritiVidyarthi https://t.co/976fkKzAar

He Ran Away... Gone Forever: A 17-year-old boy who went missing a week ago has been found dead in a tea plantation near his home in Kangethia, Embu county. #NTVTonight @SmritiVidyarthi https://t.co/HM9ZBXLT3f

Shaky Handshake Or Shaken 'Baba'? ODM leader Raila Odinga hits out at the Jubilee govt for failing to implement the promises made to citizens during campaigns. #NTVTonight @sampaonayioma @SmritiVidyarthi https://t.co/JMS4S7J2dd

Relation-ship That Failed To Sail: 11 seafarers have been stranded at the Mombasa port for over a year. The 11 Syrian nationals have been given a right to auction the ship, and use the money to go back to their families. #NTVTonight @KevinMutai_ @SmritiVidyarthi https://t.co/5OvIvEeQ0H

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