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For those who wonder what our #GW2 #EUFanDay was like check this video http://t.co/nyOD5lWN with some awesome soundtrack ;) ^MC

Monday April 2, we’ll be hosting an #EUFanDay in sunny Brighton for #GW2 European community sites. More info to come :) ^MC

@Mr_Dawes I'm afraid we don't, sorry :(

@Samppa_ps3 @Inja11 As far as I am aware it is Up and you can play now.

@Ph4tb0y_z @Daevas_Report when the Gameforge Aion website is back up you will be able to create an account http://t.co/mlePcCvS

@Psychol2 Aion in EU is now controlled an run by Gameforge, I am not party to their server schedule, please contact @AionEurope_UK for help.

@BumbleJay the best way for you to contact support about you account is either email or use the web ticket system: http://t.co/B3HKif5a

Just over 15 minutes to go until the #Aion EU transition, on this momentous occasion i am truly /sadpanda :(

@AionSpain Thank you to and the whole ES community :)

@Eshmoon_CA they'll need to contact support for both NCsoft and Gameforge, as there is no easy way to do it past today!

@RickColePhoto Gameforge have announced that Aion F2P in Europe will go live on Feb 28th http://t.co/RG6prwnN @AionEurope_UK

@Eshmoon_CA @Daevas_Report ...past this point it will be dealt with on a case by case basis!

@Eshmoon_CA @Daevas_Report we have been messaging the need to opt-in for the last 2 months...

PSA: #Aion EU will be sunset today at 4pm GMT, you must have opted-in via your master account by this time if you want to continue to play!

@alongever follow this account so that I can tell you what to do in private :)

@alongever have you tried restarting your computer and running the program again as an admin?

@alongever not ignored, just easier for me to deal with the issue here rather than on the noisy GW2 account :p

Only 1 hour remaining to sign up for the #GuildWars2 beta http://t.co/sXKurapm make sure to spread the word to all your friends ~AT

Mike's answering your questions on reddit, armed with a massive mug of tea! http://t.co/hWRjW1ET ~RB

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