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'Cause I'll Never Say Anything Nice Again, How Can I? https://t.co/BvlWuCO5Wt

I'd Like to Imagine That David Brooks Forced Patricia Cohen... https://t.co/dyEIUWWRBu

Quoted @LisPower1

Bakari Sellers: "We suffer from the soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to Donald Trump. Trump really can not clearly articulate any talking points beyond that of a Fox News morning show" https://t.co/Z8vdPZLyu5

Laugh now, but that worked for him in 2016. "Articulating any talking points of a Fox News morning show" got him more Republican primary votes in 2016 than any other GOP candidate in history. #FoxMustDie if the GOP wants to save itself. But I don't think they know how to. https://t.co/KVl3thvUch

Birthday Fundraiser: Day One -- History Did Not Begin In 2016 https://t.co/xXhrcmIRts

Failsons Ewic and Don Jr. coked up and ready for their next challenge. https://t.co/t9Dy4xBEzP

Quoted @TheRealTBone

I believe this is Russian for checkmate @realDonaldTrump This is a Burn Notice from your handler. https://t.co/j4D8zUIHay

When the home office tells you your account is closed. https://t.co/J1J4WhiKfK

And way in which many of the rank and file -- those whose lives and families were damaged the worst -- backed themselves into a state of almost pathological denial that anything was wrong. Because if *any* of it were true, their entire belief system/identity would be shattered.

And after the scandal broke into the open, the way that those who had been at the heart of this monstrous enterprise for decades claimed they never knew. That they had been too naïve, too trusting.

The complicity of the press. The way the men at the top were treated with deference long after it was clear that something terrible was going on. The degree to which clout and money kept everyone quiet. The generational attachment to a wholly corrupt institution.

The multiple, ongoing institutional failures over the course of decades that allowed the GOP to become a bottomless pit of depravity is so eerily similar to the multiple, ongoing institutional failures over the course of decades that led to the Catholic sex abuse scandal.

Happy Feast of St. Crispin's Day from the @ProLeftPodcast. Henry V's speech seems especially apropos this week. https://t.co/EhvZI5kr1k https://t.co/v45N35zdmf #velshi #AMJoy


In fact, there are @JoeBiden rallies every day. They're made up of thousands of people in masks, not screaming unhinged, fascist bullshit, but lined up single-file for miles in cities all over America. https://t.co/agxYfzwVyn

Sure they file off the serial numbers and retail it as epiphany, but SO much of it is *exactly* the vocabulary and context for which Liberals were roundly slagged just a few years ago by the same media which now praise the LP. https://t.co/avvsQwn3n0

Allies: We need the Lincoln Project b/c Liberals suck at the edgy, knife-fighty stuff. Me: If we're so bad at edgy, knife-fighty stuff, why is the Lincoln Project lifting it's entire schtick straight out of the last 30 years of the Liberal critique of the Right? @crookedmedia

Pro Left Podcast Ep #569: "Drink Entire: Against the Madness of Crowds." https://t.co/v45N35zdmf #AMJoy #velshi

Pro Left Podcast Ep. #569: “The lack of a sense of history is the damnation of the modern world.” https://t.co/v45N35QOdN

@wics_abc20 @RodneyDavis @BetsyforIL How will they address climate change? What will they do to reunite separated families and protect immigrants?

Thanks to Publishers Weekly for naming REAGANLAND one of the twenty best nonfiction books of the year. https://t.co/uZaeux98Ol

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