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Quoted @mtpurbrick

Riding a motorcycle with a black flag and refusing to stop is NOT “terrorism”. This is simply misuse of the term for political repression by Hong Kong and Central People’s Governments.

This from a former HK Police officer who worked in Special Branch engaged in counter-terrorism intelligence:

Quoted @rthk_enews

China's embassy in Canada says Ottawa should immediately stop its 'gross interference' in Hong Kong affairs.

You could write this statement from #China's embassy in #Canada yourself it's so predictable. #HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw

Quoted @rthk_enews

Teresa Cheng says it's now clear what's legal and what's not, as she warned people not to test the new national security law by using 'those eight words'.

In a sign of just how much free speech has been eroded in #HongKong the government is (wrongly) trying to tell us which words we can say and not say in public. The #NationalSecurityLaw doesn't just prohibit conduct but also the use of certain words and phrases apparently.

Quoted @RexChapman

Pensacola, Florida: Florida Man says he's wearing underwear on his head to protest mask mandates. We’re doomed...

And in today's episode of "Yes This is Really True", this man wonders why he is still single.

#Canada suspends it’s extradition treaty with #HongKong, will treat exports of sensitive goods to HK in the same ways as those destined for mainland #China and updates its travel advice for Canadians visiting HK as a result of the #NationalSecurityLaw

#Canada suspends it’s extradition treaty with #HongKong, will treat exports of sensitive goods to HK in the same ways as those destined for mainland #China and updates its travel advice for Canadians visiting HK as a result of the #NationalSecurityLaw

Quoted @rthk_enews

A woman has been fined HK$5,000 after police caught her carrying paint last November. The magistrate said the 22-year-old must have been up to no good with it, as she didn't have a brush with her.

Utterly unbelievable. This is the state of the law in #HongKong. You can now be prosecuted for carrying a can of paint down the street. If you do best to make sure you also have a paint brush with you, otherwise you are apparently up to no good.

#China's Caixin Services PMI rose to 58.4 in June, the highest level since May 2010. It beat economists' forecasts of 53.2 and May's reading of 55.

On Monday’s Money Talk I'll joined by the US Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, Hanscom Smith, to discuss the US government’s position on the national security law. Money Talk is live on @rthkradio3 from 8am. Podcast will be here;

#USA #COVIDー19 cases have increased by almost 55,000 on Thursday, the largest daily increase by any country in the world since the pandemic began.

Quoted @rthk_enews

US Congress passes HK sanctions targeting banks

As the bill targeting Chinese officials, the #HongKong police and banks that do business with them was passed unanimously, this means that every single member of the #US Congress has potentially breached #NationalSecurityLaw & faces arrest and prosecution if they come to HK.

Quoted @rthk_enews

“Appointments of judges ... are made by the Chief Executive on the recommendation of the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission, which is chaired by the Chief Justice. This has always been the position in Hong Kong,” says Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma

It’s all well and good for the Chief Justice to say that but judges who hear #NationalSecurityLaw cases are appointed by the CE who is overseen by Beijing. China will have the final say on which judges can hear these cases. And the final interpretation of the law lies with #China

Quoted @rthk_enews

Australia says it is actively considering providing safe haven to #HongKong residents in response to Beijing’s sweeping new security law

As we start to see how other countries react to the imposition of #NationalSecurityLaw on #HongKong we can better assess the full impact on HK.

Quoted @rthk_enews

The Chinese Embassy in the UK says Britain had promised that it will not confer the right of abode to #HongKong's BNO passport holders, and it will breach its pledge, international law and basic norms on international relations, if it changes the policy

#China says the #UK is breaching international law by offering right of abode to #HongKong BNO passport holders.

Article in today's FT says "Hong Kongers look to the exits as China imposes security law." “Tina Cheng at Midland Immigration Consultancy said the agency received 800 inquiries in May, double the one-month peak of 400 during 2019."

Quoted @rthk_enews

Biden threatens new economic sanctions on China

One of the themes of the upcoming #US Presidential election will be who can be tougher on #China, Trump or Biden.

HSBC has dug itself into a hole since speaking out in support of #HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw As one of its shareholders Aviva said, “if companies make political statements, they must accept the corporate responsibilities that follow”.

BREAKING: UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the UK has concluded that the #HongKong national security law constitutes a clear and serious violation of the Joint Declaration. The UK will now move forward with plans to grant visas to 3 million BNO passport holders.

The UK says China has seriously breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration with its security law in #HongKong and London will now move ahead with its plan to allow BN(O) passport holders the right to live and work in Britain.

Quoted @lwcalex

A journalist filming in Wanchai was brutally shot in the head by water cannon in rather close range. The impact was so strong he dropped to the ground immediately, hitting his head onto the pavement. #PoliceBrutality

If this happened in the US or elsewhere in the world, the officers involved would be suspended and possibly charged and the police chief would be offering his resignation. No chance of that happening in #HongKong where the police are accountable to no one except the CCP.

Quoted @EUinHKandMO

Declaration of the High Representative on behalf of the European Union on the adoption by China’s National People’s Congress of a #NationalSecurityLaw on #HongKong

The EU has issued a statement on #HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw

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