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Yo Minnesotans how many active bug bites do you have goin right now I’m at 4 with 7 pending.

Choosing to wear a yellow shirt because you want to radiate joy is absolutely an act of mindfulness and intention and you should be very proud of yourself you’re doing great.

The best part of my family group text is when my father in law spams us with calzone makers.

The best part of my family group text is when my father in law spams us with calzone makers.

Friendly reminder the suburbs suck

Reminder for therapists: • sex work is valid work • lgbt are valid identities • poly is a valid relationship • bdsm is a valid expression • understand the impact of stigma on marginalized sexualities before you falsely assume your client’s sexuality is inherently unhealthy

Saying you love LGBTQ+ ppl is not being affirming. A few questions that people need to be clear about: * Would you marry an LGBTQ+ couple? * Do you gladly celebrate LGBTQ+ marriage? * Can LGBTQ+ ppl be ordained? * Can LGBTQ+ lead ministries and small groups? (1)

was explaining “if you snooze you lose” to french husband and he said “so basically it’s if you are sleeping, fuck you”

It’s weird seeing humans walk themselves lol where’s your dog

i think it’s really cute that people think i’m unaware that you can see the outline of my nipple in certain shirts

Okay but what if we dragged Trump out of the White House and threw him in a dumpster.

Quoted @samelaanderson

Been debating talking about this publicly because I don’t want to get fired, but it seems like the cat’s already out of the bag so whatever: yesterday Hootsuite signed a three-year deal with ICE. Over 100 employees have been extremely vocal in their opposition to this deal

I’ve used @hootsuite as a social media marketer for the past 3 years. Today, I’m canceling my account. This is why.

Black women, Your anger, frustration, pain is not the result of having been duped by the system. It’s your inherent dignity shouting, “I deserve better than this.” Be gentle with yourself today.

My safe word is oofta

2 days ago

happy bi visibility day my future wife somewhere prolly growing organic veggies or throwing ass in the mirror i’m here 4 u bb

Perfect day to wear my dissent necklace. Because yeah... this is nothing new, yet just as heartbreaking everytime.

The god assigned to you at birth doesn’t have to be a lifelong marriage. Feel free to divorce at any time. They will keep custody of guilt trips, and you will gain custody of shame-free fornication.

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