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I'm tall! I do YouTube and own two giant dogs. She/her

Los Angeles, CA
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THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS A WOMAN! A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INSPIRATIONAL WOMAN! When I was a kid I thought those positions of power were only for men because it was all I knew. I am emotional knowing that this is going to help teach kids that women can do anything

Happy America has a Chance Day!

Joy and I want to write a 5 minute musical. What should it be about?

Vet called. Snoop is allergic to, and I quote, “everything”. The vet literally said to me “I don’t know what to do. He needs to live in a bubble”...... SNOOP! WTF BRO

Closet doors come today!!!!! My house about to look so good

I love when content creators are so young, that their throwback baby pictures are just from last year.

Omg I drank so much water that my pee is clear. IS THAT WHAT’S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?????

Send me the funniest tweets you see today. My timeline is boring me

Happy Friday!!!!

Let's explore my birth chart! https://t.co/Ask9kPqP43

Sorry the video is taking so long to get up today. It’s a long one

Oops. I haven’t been tweeting. My bad.

I haven't tested products in a quick second, so here's me testing some of Amazon's handiest products! https://t.co/Yb8SDxR1u3

I’m happy.

13 days ago

I don’t care how grown I am... I NEED MY MOM. That woman is my life

Support your friends’ dreams and goals. Everyone needs a hype man. Be the hype man.


I’m so lucky that my family is good people.

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