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Words matter.

I'm not broken, I'm just a mix of everyone I once knew.

You had me at...”we will make it look like an accident”

My demons are strong these days, but I’m still stronger.

The biggest bully I’ve ever encountered is my own mind.

My daily goals include enjoying today and seeing tomorrow.

if only those words were written for me..

I no longer have the energy that twitter requires

I just want to be able to pet a dog and not have to talk to the owner.

Are you shy? Because I’m not C’mere

You aren’t a new chapter. The book didn’t start until you.

If this morning was a person I’d make it another coffee.

Twitter is my void of choice to scream into.

I wouldn’t know how to get a life even if I tried

Home is where the pets are.

Being divorced is #WhyIveGotTrustIssues

A broken childhood is #WhyIveGotTrustIssues

I could fill a thousand books in an abandoned library with the letters I write to no one.

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