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reminder: never beg for someone’s reply.

Retweet guys! 🐢🐢🐱🐱

Retweet guys! 🐢🐢🐱🐱

Retweet guys! 🐢🐢🐱🐱

Retweet guys! 🐢🐢🐱🐱

β € No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. β €

You are in someone's prayer.

I wish I was better at telling people how I really feel.

Smile life is beautiful and so are you.

Better days are coming.

Self love is not selfish.

Still young, still learning.

Do it now. Because sometimes later becomes never.

Never get tired of doing good.

People come and people go.

You deserve better sis

"bakit ka nawalan ng gana?" Alam mo, when people makes you feel worthless, mawawalan ka talaga ng gana.

what makes you biglang tahimik? β€œselos”

Current mood: i need peace of mind.

Golden rule: never expect, never assume.

Let the pain teach you how to be strong.

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