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a year ago

@MegabusHelp I have an issue with billing. Whom do I speak with?

@MegabusHelp when do drivers have the option of choosing which route their bus is going? Driver on the 3:15 Tor to NF bus added 45 min to our drive as he decided to skip the highway and drive through downtown Toronto. And that’s only the beginning of an awful trip. #wasteoftime

@MegabusHelp Why can't I catch bus from Naptown (Indianapolis) to Fort Myers,FL ?

@MegabusHelp How can we find out when our bus is arriving? The bus from Rochester to Toronto is currently an hour late!

@MegabusHelp Could you please answer my messages?

@MegabusHelp @megabus Hi there! needing to cancel a reservation due to a family emergency. I spoke with your agents over the phone and was surprised when I was met with outright rudeness & unhelpfulness. What can be done to cancel this trip and get a refund? Thanks!

Hello Michael, Currently all bus traveling from Philly to Baltimore are still in service however, the 5:30pm departure is cancelled at this time.

Hello Steve, All buses from Boston to New York are cancelled today however, there are some departures for tomorrow that will be available.

Hello Darrin, Sorry to hear that. Please contact our customer service line at 1-877-462-6342 for assistance with trading in your reservation.

Please accept our apologies regarding our previous reply. San Francisco to Reno will no longer be in service after January 9th.

Hello, Unfortunately, after January 9th we will no longer service from Sacramento to Reno.

Our website issues have now been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

We are experiencing issues with our website. Our team is working as fast as possible to fix. We apologize for any problems this may cause.

Sorry to hear that. Please provide your reservation number in a private message so we can assist.

Hello, please private message us with your reservation number, so we can assist.

Hello Blake, we're sorry about the delay. Please private message us your reservation number so we can see how we can help.

We're sorry about the delay. DM us your res# so we can see how we can help

@megabus @MegabusHelp customer service is awful. What's the point of an account if no responses are given to tweets and DM's?

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