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Senator Perdue shouldn't be afraid of debating me again. It can't possibly go as badly for him as last time.

Every year, when the President "pardons" a turkey, I think, Ho ho! What a hilarious ribbing of a legal system that puts humans to death!

@chelzzzp @trainrek13 @NatsuSanemi @JordanUhl If we can't justify drastic measures without covering it in some imperialist blood sport, people just think it's communism or whatever

Refusing to fund the military unless it continues to honor the Confederacy is really the perfect exit. https://t.co/tXGpUXKWxH

Folks who encouraged young ppl to turn out& vote bc “you can work to influence the coming admin” should be encouraging, not cry division, when they do just that. Lobbyists don’t ever sit back & give admins “a chance.” #1 mistake is thinking our democracy is “set it & forget it”

Quoted @Public_Citizen

.@AOC: Our country is going hungry and the week before Thanksgiving the Senate broke. I don’t care what party you are. It is an abandonment of responsibilities as elected officials who are charged with acting in the public trust. https://t.co/HALOURPewD

Yep. The Senate is a disgrace. https://t.co/CqHZAM9E1C

The people pick the President. Full stop. I see a lot of people using the “c” word. Trump and his cronies don’t have the power to enact a coup. They are small and weak. When you tweet the “c” word you are making him seem more powerful than he is. He lost. And keeps losing.

Enough of pulling our punches, enough polite false equivalence, enough of the defensive crouch https://t.co/VcwXBt1fZh

Enough of pulling our punches, enough polite false equivalence, enough of the defensive crouch https://t.co/VcwXBt1fZh

Quoted @Justsom81349057

Watched the entire Mary Tyler Moore show earlier this year. @TheOnlyEdAsner glad to see you're doing well! What would Lou Grant have thought about Twitter?

He would have hated it. https://t.co/wJHhffld8J

Wealth of Jeff Bezos in 2009: $6.8 billion Wealth of Jeff Bezos in 2020: $184 billion Wealth of Mark Zuckerberg in 2009: $2 billion Wealth of Mark Zuckerberg in 2020: $103 billion U.S. Minimum Wage from 2009-2020: $7.25 We need an economy that works for all of us, not the 1%.

Ban Senators from trading individual stocks. Period.

Breaking News: Two fraud inquiries into President Trump and his businesses have expanded to include tax write-offs on millions of dollars in consulting fees, some of which appear to have gone to Ivanka Trump. https://t.co/6kYvIJJ5ki

OK I renounce my Iowa citizenship. For fuck's sake. https://t.co/wsaRQLvmwa

This was NOT a close election: Biden beat Trump by almost 6 million votes — a margin bigger than the population of 30 states. Biden won a higher percentage of the vote than any challenger to an incumbent since FDR. Trump has lost the election and 25 law suits. #TransitionNow

Quoted @DavidHMandel

Less than 30 minutes left to WIN a #zoom with me and @VeepHBO cast members @timothycsimons and @mrmattwalsh! #jonah #mikemclintock Proceeds benefit injured Veterans through @homesforourtrps, bid now: https://t.co/k80J8kM239  #HomesForOurTroops

Look this is a great cause and maybe you win zoom with us and try out a mike or Jonah insult, we can workshop it with Mandel , the possibilities are mind blowing https://t.co/SpjTrqOa4j

13 days ago

In April, Dolly Parton spoke at a #TIME100Talks about her $1 million donation to Vanderbilt University Medical Center — which helped fund Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine https://t.co/OBF8nywugE

Quoted @morethanmySLE

.@ossoff "They are trying to make us forget that they are trying to take away our health care in the middle of a pandemic." #AmericaNeedsGeorgia https://t.co/RZjOIPBPpB

Please please PLEASE Georgia vote for @ossoff. Thank you. https://t.co/0hxdA4OCHd

Hard truths: 49/50 states with increasing cases, 34 in red or orange zones (ie significant rise). Record cases over the past week will be record hospitalizations soon. Our/ YOUR communities and hospitals simply can not sustain high level care at this rate of increase.

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