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Why are healthy people wearing masks?

Listening to Why President Trump will win this election? by MatthewJshow

Watching Watters' World keeping it real with exposing Joe Biden and his shady business dealings.

Twitter has flattened the curve on my numbers.

Are you comfortable letting Dr. Fauci dictate how you run your life? Masks? Vaccines?

You know who doesn't have a problem with Big Tech censorship? Mr. Joe Biden.

President Trump will win a second term. The Deep State will be in overdrive with rage. Stay focused.

Listening to Why America embraces freedom? by MatthewJshow

Listening to Had enough of media BS yet? by MatthewJshow

Good vs. Evil. Who's side are you on?

Listening to How Biden/Harris will destroy America? by MatthewJshow

Listening to Why lockdowns are dangerous? by MatthewJshow

Listening to Why Pennsylvania is Trump country? by MatthewJshow

Passengers Push Back On Airline Mask Requirements As Travel Bans Soar | Zero Hedge

Van Jones says Trump 'doesn't get credit' for helping black people via @MailOnline

Trump says Biden wants to lock down the US again via @MailOnline

Do you trust Dr. Fauci?

Joe Biden embraces the mask wearing dehumanization agenda. Don't believe Biden about temporary measures. The Coronavirus restrictions are permanent.

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