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Definitely Daddy Matt



Sojourner, Navigator, Driver, Traveling-buddy, Pastor. Board Vice President of Family Promise Riverside.

Riverside, CA
Joined on December 22, 2017

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Quoted @richvillodas

The church is not to be found at the “center” of a left/right political world. The church is to be a species of its own kind, confounding left, right, and middle, and finding its identity from the “center” of God’s life.”


Quoted @fairlyspiritual

I don't understand the conference pattern of having pastors of large churches consistently speak to rooms full of people who pastor smaller churches. There is such a condescending premise in this well worn practice.

Why is it that small church pastors are not giving conferences? Maybe #capitalism #consumerism Maybe #bigboxchurch #hubris

Then I could engage with specific questions of how to love my neighbor. And I found that full love is full inclusion.

I had to learn to read and interpret sacred texts for myself and to look/read diverse theologians to supplement my human/flawed/limited perspective.

The teachings i learned as younger person were all culturally specific (white male Europeans and Americans and many were slave owners or white sumpremacists).

I had to learn to read scripture differently than literalistic and “infallible”. That took time and other pieces quickly followed...

Quoted @JoLuehmann

Saying you love LGBTQ+ ppl is not being affirming. A few questions that people need to be clear about: * Would you marry an LGBTQ+ couple? * Do you gladly celebrate LGBTQ+ marriage? * Can LGBTQ+ ppl be ordained? * Can LGBTQ+ lead ministries and small groups? (1)

Yes to all. I did have to work hard in study, prayer, conversations and authentic relationships in order to overcome my biases.

[thinks for 3 seconds] oh right, patriarchy.

Quoted @jorymicah

I have no idea why, but I almost cried when I read this 😭

How is this even possible? #RBG first woman to lie in state at US capitol.

Quoted @JoLuehmann

When my son was about to start pre-school I asked him if he was excited to learn new things, he said he wasn’t, I asked him why and he replied “I already know everything.” (1)

I like this.

Seminary did not prepare me for this.

Also, it smacks very loudly of privilege.

This sounds shallow and callous to me. Yeah or naw?

Ordinary (*white) church folk are saying that the secular liberal/progressives are overstating 45’s threat to democracy by citing a belief that the Church has gone through worse and will survive this presidency even if he wins re-election...

I love him so much. #daddyandson #manifestationofthedivine @ First Christian Church of Riverside

Just posted a photo @ First Christian Church of Riverside

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump And I hope it also includes: * Our nation's defeat of the insurrection by the Confederacy * Our creation of NON-political NON-partisan independent commissions to protect our farms, food, drugs, air, water, health, and justice systems * the "Fairness Doctrine" for fair media

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump I hope it includes: * the Constitution * our nation's triumph over fascism * economic growth brought by FDR, JFK & Lyndon Johnson, and the effort to destroy it * economic inequality worsened by tax giveaways to the rich * our tragically inept response to the covid virus

I just wrote a @FwdUnited letter: Delay SCOTUS Nomination. Write one here:

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