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Quoted @KChimaev

I want to fight three guys in one night old school let’s go @danawhite let’s piss everybody off 👊🏾

I love this man CHOOOO CHOOOO🚂🚂🚂

Quoted @funkmasterMMA

.@VasylLomachenko you’re still one of the best brotha! I love watching you compete and hope you comeback and show the world “The Matrix” boxing style again 💪🏾 #LomaLopez

Much love always @VasylLomachenko

Quoted @tatianaufc

Still a Loma fan! 😂 But, that kid can freakin box. Those scorecards were everywhere! #LomachenkoLopez

I agree I love Lomachenko but it was a chess match and Lopez got the win.

Incredible performance by Lopez. Congratulations @TeofimoLopez #Champion #ESPNPlus #ESPNBOXING

Incredible performance by Lopez. Congratulations @TeofimoLopez #Champion #ESPNPlus #ESPNBOXING

Wow @TeofimoLopez is the new Undisputed Lightweight Champion. A huge upset, I would definetly love to see a rematch. #ESPNPlus #ESPNBOXING #andnew #TopRankonESPN

And it goes to a decision

WOWWW!!!! Lopez is looking gassed, Loma might just pull it off🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #TeamLomachenko #ESPNPlus #LomaLopez

Lopez is throwing some good shots and he is definetly still up on the scorecards and Lomachenko needs to go all in for these last 2 championship rounds #ESPN #ESPNPlus #LomaLopez #TeamLomachenko

The hands are starting to go

Lomachenko just turned it up a notch in round 8 #LomaLopez

Loma is down on the scorecards I really hope he turns it up and come through

Loma needs to let those hands go a little bit #ESPNPlus #ESPNBoxing

Lopez could very much be up 4 nothing going into the 5th round with Lomachenko #ESPNBoxing #TeamLoma #ESPNPlus

Quoted @ufc

Respect earned! @BrianTCity & @KoreanZombieMMA bury the feud post-fight. [ #InAbuDhabi | @VisitAbuDhabi ]

Love to see the sportsmanship after a good fight

5 days ago

CLOCKED CLEANED ⏱ 🇦🇺 @CruteJim with a STATEMENT on Fight Island. [ Co-main next on #ESPNPlus ]

I will never get tired of the phrase "Number 1 bullsh*t." Never, ever... #UFCFightIsland6 #SolidGold #UFC #MMA

Congratulations on a outstanding performance @BrianTcity #UFCFightIsland #UFCFightIsland6 #UFC #ESPNPLUS

WOW ANOTHER KNOCKDOWN BY @BrianTcity 2-0 going into the 3rd #UFCFightIsland6 #UFC #ESPNPlus #ESPN

Quoted @arielhelwani

Wow. Kutateladze says he doesn’t deserve to win. “This is not my fight. This is number 1 bullsh*t.”

Definetly need a rematch

Wow @guram_dze got the decision and said it wasn't his fight, very humble. #UFCFightIsland6 #UFC #sports #ESPNPlus #ESPN

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