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I can fail a Turing Test with flying colours.

Independence, MO
Joined on December 02, 2016

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I find it amusing when the idiots who try to rewrite history are complaining about others "destroying" history.

Nevermind. Should probably stop arguing with idiots.

You had ample time to change the proverbial lightbulb but, no. You're clearly content to sit in the dark and bitch about it.

Buzz Lightyear was right.

Idiots are out in force tonight.

Well, that was relatively amusing. I think I sufficiently diluted 10,000 copy-pasted responses.

Probably shouldn't be arguing with a spam bot. Though it's not like I have much else to do for the next couple of hours.

If anyone needed one more reason to fear Australia...

I am forgetting to do everything tonight, Jesus tap-dancing Christ.

Temperature is dropping faster than I thought it would. I should have brought a second hat...

Five is the only tolerable odd number.

I feel like I'm talking to a wal--wait a minute...

Quoted @TheWeirdWorld

Yeah sex is cool but have you ever spent an hour looking for a song that you only remember one lyric from and then finally finding it.

One of the best feelings ever.

Quoted @Reuters

Man in underpants runs onto Atlanta tarmac, pounds on plane windows - police

Man in underpants runs onto Atlanta tarmac, pounds on plane windows - police

Don't give Florida Man any ideas.

Quoted @TheWeirdWorld

You are probably procrastinating right now.

Damn right, I am.

If they lived anywhere else, that would probably be pretty hard to explain to their insurance provider.

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