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Quoted @labourpress

“Poverty and deprivation lead to people becoming ill quicker and dying sooner. Austerity has seen life expectancy advances stall.” @JonAshworth

They still have no idea whatsoever why they got hammered at the last election. All forms of 'poverty' in the UK are entirely self-inflicted regardless of which party is in Govt.

Quoted @LabourList

"The Tories are insidiously weaponising their own incompetence to scapegoat local Labour councils and public sector workers." @salford_mayor on how the government is weaponising its own incompetence against Labour councils in the corona crisis:

Arrrgghh, my ribs !! 😂😂

2 hours ago

Quoted @Michael80144868

@sublimate888 @MilesBriggsMSP Yes, you will lose even more of your minority .... because your cult leader is more despised in Scotland Maggie Thatcher ever was

Scottish Tory MPs: GE 1979 - 22 GE 1983 - 21 I'd say remarkably popular

Quoted @EraseState

Your poor financial condition does not grant you moral authority over the income and property of your neighbors.

Indeed. Your crap life choices are NOT the fault of the current or any other Government you've had in your lifetime.

Quoted @arabnews

#UPDATE: Greece says #Erdogan's decision on #HagiaSophia is 'provocation to the civilized world' - #Russia's Orthodox Church says he 'ignored the voices of millions of Christians'

Escalating quickly....

Quoted @CityAM

‘I was mistaken for a cleaner’, says Gina Miller

‘I was mistaken for a cleaner’, says Gina Miller

Strong banter

Quoted @Simmy41

What does a £180 mug do anyway?

Annoys the f*ck out of socialists

Quoted @GuidoFawkes

Tories Back to Double Digit Lead

Tories Back to Double Digit Lead

Captain Hindsight's dead in the water already

He's changed his tune since this pic' surfaced

He's changed his tune since this pic' surfaced

6 hours ago

@super_savant_ @MarcherLord1 You're not giving fuck. The sake belongs to the fuck. It's "for fuck's sake"

Quoted @SputnikInt

Le Pen calls for 'decisive steps' to fight Islamist radicalisation in #France

That ship sailed a long time ago

Quoted @TheSun

Funeral procession for WW2 sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn takes place in Brighton

Lance Cpl in the RAF. What have I missed there?

Depp threatened to slice off Elon Musk's penis because he he was having an affair with Amber Heard

Quoted @SkyNews

Almost one in three employees are planning to keep working from home after the #coronavirus restrictions end, according to a survey

At least? I suspect higher. I'm glad I'm not in commercial property - absolute bloodbath for that sector once this nonsense has blown through

Quoted @Tony_Diver

In case anyone was interested, Extinction Rebellion are still walking around in fancy dress

I see @TheGreenParty are playing dress up again in town

The Indian Community has now become the 'New' Jewish Community for the Labour Party. British Indians under a current Labour regime so infested with Islam, BLM and Momentum is no longer a friendly place to people of my ethnicity.

@MarcherLord1 A diagnosis of fibromyalgia ✅

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