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I’m the contractor who’s going to make it right, and I've got the best crew in the business. #HolmesAtHome live every Tuesday on @HGTV (US) Facebook.

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Summertime means fun, sun, and a list of maintenance projects. Here's what you'll want to tackle this season. My latest for the @nationalpost. https://t.co/4g3w0akCvv

painting the interior of your home is the ideal DIY job for homeowners, especially those who are just starting to flex their DIY muscles. If there are any screwups along the way, you haven’t messed up the structure of your home. https://t.co/JgH9UGtBSn

Some accent wall ideas from my daughter Sherry. https://t.co/QXcPXxpjkn

It's all about virtual gatherings these days, isn't it? Im hosting a virtual deck party this Tuesday at 2 pm EST with @hgtv. Hope you'll join me on Facebook!

Your ducts are hidden in your walls, under floors, running through attics and crawlspaces–so many homeowners don't think of them. Leaking ducts can cause you to lose up to 20% of your airflow—that’s air you’ve paid to either heat or cool. That really adds up over time.

Happy 4th of July everyone. Keep smiling. https://t.co/iURTE5KyH0

Happy 4th of July everyone. Keep smiling. https://t.co/iURTE5KyH0

Wondering why you hear a noise with each garage door opening and closing? The most common fix is to apply some lubricant. However, the wrong lube (for example grease) will make it worse. https://t.co/lyvbFLlieo

WISHING all my American friends a happy 4th of July. Enjoy, stay safe, throw something on the bbq for me! https://t.co/g1iull1x1F

More progress on my outdoor seating area on the deck. https://t.co/qRJqrBwMMG

Countertops on my outdoor kitchen going in. https://t.co/biXN6RtEMm

We renovated this garage to have a beautiful commercial space. This property is on the river, and we converted the second storey into a residential space.
#HolmesAndHolmes https://t.co/VR8yPsQZuB

We renovated this garage to have a beautiful commercial space. This property is on the river, and we converted the second storey into a residential space. #HolmesAndHolmes https://t.co/VR8yPsQZuB

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@Make_It_Right hi Mike, I have a tri-plex - three seperate hydro meters and panels - any idea on cost and how messy / hard the job would be if I wanted to move 2 of the panels into the actual rental units?. in Toronto

This would be difficult to price without seeing. Call a licensed electrician to quote your project (get at least 3-4 quotes). They should be able to determine if and what can be done. Please note this will involve the Hydro company as well. #HolmesAtHome #AskMike https://t.co/W8CUFSM8wb

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@Make_It_Right Would you use drycore on house built on slab of concrete? No basement.

Yes, concrete is very porous and can hold large amounts of water. Dricore will prevent your finish floor from getting wet and insulate against the cold concrete. #AskMike #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/PWsCRdRt2x

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@Make_It_Right What’s the best way to make a vent cover stay in place on a basement ceiling?

Ideally, you should have blocking (lumber) on either side of the vent. Then the finishing (drywall covers it) and this way you can screw in the vent covers. If this can not be completed try using a strong construction adhesive #AskMike #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/dIZ6u0whxr

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@Make_It_Right Going to build a ground level deck, maybe step off the ground. What type of footings should I use? #askmike #holmesathome

Helical piles are by far the best footing to use for your deck. #AskMike #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/cwtlBogcfi

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@Make_It_Right rusty shed. best method to remove rust and prep to paint. thanks

Strongly recommend talking to a paint specialist. You will need to complete a few steps before applying paint. Sand and remove most of the loose rust, apply the appropriate primer. Once dry apply at least 2 coats of the finish paint that is designed for exterior. #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/b0BXjDa1m6

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@Make_It_Right We want to do a corner pantry in our kitchen with an island I am unsure there is room - how much clearance should be between the cabinetry and an island in a kitchen? Obviously I would need space to open an oven door or a fridge door but is there a standard measurement? https://t.co/Z96D2eDXJL

I try to keep 42-46 inches of space, for an individual to pass while the cabinet doors are open. #AskMike #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/812AdLppkB

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@Make_It_Right Is a home remodel and addition better choice financially or relocating to a bigger house with unknowns?

Tough question! Do you enjoy the area? Does the neighborhood have all your needs covered? Do you feel that your home could be your forever home with the renovation? If you answered yes to any of these, you may have your answer. #AskMike #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/WkNtZWekCc

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@Make_It_Right I have a pine kitchen. Good shape. Paint or replace?

If you replace the kitchen you will be able to customize it to your needs and it will not hurt the value of your home either. #AskMike #HolmesAtHome https://t.co/2AsE5aj0fZ

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