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Wellington, Fl
Joined on September 14, 2012

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Just posted a photo @ Wellington, Florida

Watching #BlackIsKing and for the first time this crazy year, not only am I inspired, but I’m great full, I’m in love, I want to live in the colors of her rainbow, in her inspiring views and and last but certainly not least, her beauty in self which is her pride in who she is🐝

Thank you so much to everyone that came to show some love for my JJ. He was so surprised, he could not believe all this was for him! Love you guys! As always you all rock! #rollinginto7likeaboss #jjallen #jjrocks…

Maria G.’s review of Miracle Leaf

Wow, if it’s in the news and tweet about it, it must be true!!!! #hellyeah #thatsfacts #toofunny #ikillmyself🤣🤣🤣

“Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!” #makeyourdaycount @ Wellington, Florida

Happy Easter to all of my peeps!!!! I hope y’all had a good day! I love you....Stay strong!!! #quarantine #easter2020 #allenfamily #stayinyourhouse #forrealstayhome #sobumbedallday @ Wellington, Florida

Be still my heart! Life goes by so fast! I cherish these moments that you still let me be your mommy. Where you hold me so tight, that I don’t ever let that Kung fu grip to ever let me go! I ♥️ you to the end of…

I love you to infinity and beyond my funny Valentine!!! You truly truly truly still know how to rock my world 😘! #happyvalentinesday #jeffandmaria #myrock #myrockstar #mybestfriend #iloveyoubabe @ Wellington, Florida

Oh how much he loves “his” friend’s house! Otis and Julie, he hasn’t stoped talking about how beautiful your house is! HIS friends, not my friends. 🤣#jjallen #jjrocks #jjrules #jeffreyallen #superbowl2020…

Omygosh, so much fun at the Fair last night! This kid man.....I just love him!!! #jjallen #jjrules #jjrocks #jeffreyallen #myworld #myeverything #homegrown #561finest #local #gringo #colombiano @ South Florida Fair

There’s no better feeling than seeing what a great lil man you’re raising. You have the biggest heart my JJ, I hope it never changes! I know life is already throwing curve balls here and there, but it’s what you do…

Mrs. Gete
8 months ago
Love it when hard work pays off! Way to go! 👏 👏 👏 @ElbridgeGaleES Thank you, @1stmissbauer 📚 🐛

Love it when hard work pays off! Way to go! 👏 👏 👏 @ElbridgeGaleES Thank you, @1stmissbauer 📚 🐛

I wanna have that feeling of when you first ordered your “Own” desert and didn’t have to share nunnn! #jjallen #jjsworld #jeffreyallen #ilovehim #mybaby #myworld #thoseeyes #nofilter #homegrown #local #561finest…

Quoted @ChristelleBacho

all signs point to me ending up like @chrissyteigen in so many different ways but today especially bc I’m sure with my luck if I even ATTEMPT to have a NYE kiss, it’ll end up going a little something like this

How I started 2019

The most gracious for some noodle!!!!🍜

Mrs. Gete
9 months ago

Please share! 🤗 Our School Counselor @caitandcamsmom wants to help students using yoga and mediation 🧘🏾‍♀️ @BrianMendler we’d love your help!

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