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... they're only charging ONE of the officers who killed #BreonnaTaylor for reckless endangerment. DID I JUST HEAR THAT RIGHT?

Quoted @mckaycoppins

Republican sources tell @bartongellman the Trump campaign "is discussing contingency plans to bypass election results and appoint loyal electors in battleground states where Republicans hold the legislative majority." https://t.co/m70OkHOFJU

they're not even hiding it. they plan to steal the election https://t.co/5hm1ohkDzp

Quoted @hughhewitt

Even before @realDonaldTrump announces his #SCOTUS nominee, Democrats and Blue Bubble media have begun to voice their anti-Catholic bias. That anti-Catholic bias is deep and enduring. That "dogma lives deeply within" the Democrats, and every Catholic in America should know it.

Democrats’ anti-Catholic bias is evident — their 2020 presidential nominee is Catholic; their 2016, 2012, and 2008 VP nominees were all Catholic; their last SCOTUS appointee is Catholic; their House Speaker is Catholic; and two-thirds of all Catholics in Congress are Democrats. https://t.co/k5jnOAcL6j

Quoted @ThePlumLineGS

This is very bad. Donald Trump Jr. is now telling supporters that millions of mail ballots *will inevitably* be fraudulent, as part of a plot to "steal the election." Let's be clear: This is an effort to create cover for mass voter suppression. New piece: https://t.co/lgUdk8DpLz

They are just openly talking about stealing the election now. https://t.co/ZcBdzpMDGz

Quoted @HeidiNBC

👉Senate historical records dating to 1900 reviewed by @NBCNews: No president has seated a Supreme Court nominee within 3 months of an election. 👉A confirmation weeks before Election Day would be first in modern history. (Trump says he wants a vote before election day.)

Great work here: https://t.co/VBfqTbmHur

1. Mail voting generally increases turnout. 2. There's a pandemic. 3. This is victim-blaming wrapped up as a hot take. https://t.co/mwEUIQCvYz

Quoted @jentaub

💯 You have questions. We have answers. 🐔Wondering why Mueller "let the bully win"? 🚿 Angry that the DOJ doesn't prosecute the bankers who get rich laundering money for global kleptocrats and drug cartels? 💪Looking for plans to stop the contagion of white collar crime? https://t.co/fWGCb2luBR

Mueller failed us. That’s the tweet. That’s the tragedy. This is part of a bigger pattern. Find out why and what to do about it. https://t.co/Qy98fyToYc

Democrats need to demand recusal of Gorsuch, Kav and Barrett/Lagoa/whoever on grounds that Trump is now *actively talking about* them deciding for him. New nominee needs to be asked to vow it in hearings. They won’t do it, but it makes it that much harder if case comes up.

"Herd mentality" is when journalists all defend one another for saying something stupid, while just about everyone with a brain (i.e. non-MAGA people) is rightly ridiculing them.

@edokeefe delete your original tweet then and, in case you missed it, Mike Pence's running mate is inciting and celebrating violence against your profession but, you're frustrated cause she doesn't talk to you regularly like that's the real problem? JFC. No wonder we're in this mess

It’s clear Trump is so desperate and worried, so angry, so violent. And so are his people, that crowd tonight. Stay alert. It’s only going to get worse as he stays down in the polls.

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

Our GREAT RALLY tonight in Pennsylvania. Tremendous energy! #MAGA https://t.co/kL29rJe6sh

Our GREAT RALLY tonight in Pennsylvania. Tremendous energy! #MAGA https://t.co/kL29rJe6sh

How many new cases of coronavirus infection in PA tonight? https://t.co/EEAYVkXJuD

Quoted @atrupar

"It's a beautiful sight" -- Trump glorifies violence against reporters https://t.co/UAENo59vrR

Just sick, putrid, reckless . Endangering reporters while promoting superspread of covid https://t.co/C30mVhBiyQ

Quoted @SXMProgress

Today on The @MSignorile Show: @AaronBelkin of @TakeBackTheCt shutdown the arguments against @TheDemocrats expanding #SCOTUS https://t.co/XRx7N6IrWu

This was a fantastic interview within a 💥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥Show! I donated to @TakeBacktheCt You are amazing @MSignorile love how you handle trumpers! https://t.co/zT76wJ0ypm

Light up Senate switchboard, call your Dem Senator and demand they hold up vote per below. We can’t allow vote on 10/23. 202 224 3121 How Democrats Should Fight For Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Seat - The New York Times https://t.co/PV5anjc1po

Today on The @MSignorile Show: @AaronBelkin of @TakeBackTheCt shutdown the arguments against @TheDemocrats expanding #SCOTUS https://t.co/XRx7N6IrWu

Talking about how Democrats can pack the Supreme Court to help rebalance the judicial branch w/ @AaronBelkin of @TakeBacktheCt and @SFSU on the @MSignorile Show right now! #takebackthecourt TUNE IN: https://t.co/XTLX9qAwli

Discussing fundamentalist and racist roots of Trump's #PatrioticEducation proposal w/ journalist and author @JeffSharlet on the @MSignorile Show right now! TUNE IN: https://t.co/XTLX9qAwli

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