The last of the Jenbry Kids. Jesus is Lord!!!! Lov my fam and friends but especailly the 910! Tarheel, Panther, and Laker 4 life. I’m here if anyone needs me

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Now that the Dodgers won the World Series can the Rams give LA the ultimate fan season in Sports???

Congrats to LA fans the Lakers and the Dodgers are World Champs #Dodgers #LakeShow

Quoted @LakerGangDay

Fellas, only the real ones will post on this thread.😌 Drop a pic of your FEET, what’re they looking like?👀👀👀

I’m a real one but ain’t no way I’m posting my feet for y’all to roast 😂😂😂 I’m good on dat

@MJ24Slayer At least you’re aware and working on it!

Quoted @KimeeBe

What’s more annoying, people who constantly interrupt you while you’re speaking or people who have to have the last word?

Definitely interrupting as annoying as that is I have a bad habit of doing it I’m working on it though o

Quoted @Cheeekuuuh

What’s done in the dark, will always come to light.

This is true and that’s why I don’t trip on certain things! I do right by people.. Lies come full circle..

Quoted @DezBryant

My emotions running high right now... I’m thankful...I can’t stop crying 😂

Welcome back Dez

Quoted @Amysteriousgem

I noticed that myself and others sometimes fail to realize that EVERYONE we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Instead of being kind, we unknowingly add ammunition. For that I apologize, for it was never my intentions. Peace,love n happiness always!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤

That’s why I make an effort not to respond as ppl do on this app

15 hours ago

It doesn’t matter what type of money you got . You can make $400,000 to $900,000 a year. If you don’t have the correct money management it will NEVER be enough money . Don’t know how many times I gotta say this shit

Quoted @BarackObama

In Miami this weekend, I dropped by The Shop to talk with @KingJames and @MavCarter about the NBA bubble, the racial justice movement, and what's at stake over these next seven days. Do not give up your power. Make a plan to vote:

It was such an honor. My President giving us the perspective and motivation we need right now. GO VOTE!!! @morethanavote #TheShop💈 #BlackLivesMatter

Source: The #Ravens are signing WR Dez Bryant to the practice squad. Officially back.

@MJ24Slayer Wake me up 😂😂😂

12 hours ago

Dating someone with a kid you gotta remember it’s not about you . I think people with no kids always forget that when attempting to date someone with a kid

Christian McCaffrey has been designated to return from the reserve/injured list.

10 hours ago

Quoted @Fedelmusic

The news has done to America what parents thought video games would do to kids.


Being afraid for the black men & women you don’t know, the black men & women you do know, the black men & women you love and yourself—man. Angry. Tired. Sad. Frustrated. Tired of being buttoned up for white comfortability.

Quoted @_WSBG

Niggas lotioning they booty is crazy. Never once in my life have I thought to lotion up my ass

*fighting the air* straight men: it is okay to touch your own booty!!! You will not catch the gay, it’s not contagious, I promise 😂😭💀

Ppl don’t really know wat it means to love bc some many ppl have been given a false love

Quoted @GumptionRaw

I’ve shared this before but after his heart attacks, the medication to keep him alive killed his sex drive and then when it came back he was petrified to raise his heart rate. I loved him through it, I was just grateful he was alive. In sickness & health.

A perfect example of how marriage should be. Love them through it, for better or for worse

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