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Photo of the day: Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay - Roma #refugees recycle plastic bottles #WED2012

A heritage site for coral reefs is the site of rapid industrial development, leading to environmental concerns

America's shape-gas boom continues to amaze. Moreover, the "golden age of gas" could be cleaner than greens think

Shahan M
8 years ago

I liked a @YouTube video Module 2: Buy It: Managing Supply (ASU-WPC-SCM)

Back from #India, w lots to share. See photos of the Aarti ceremony I participated in at a community health center

Live Now!!!! ভুত এফএম, মিস করছেন না তো? “Bhoot FM” live on Radio Foorti.. live streaming on...

@Rony8754 Radio Foorti, Nando’s, Barista Lavazza are MGH’s sister concern. Freight Forwarding & Distributorship are their main business.

Hanjin Losses Mount Despite Higher Volume #shipping #liner

The best way to understand the work to be done is to visit. Lucky to spend first day of India trip in Uttar Pradesh.

Diamonds May Be Forever, Natural Resource Wealth Is Not. New blog post by @OCanuto

Future of Supply Chain Management: What are the challenges? @YouTube #supplyChain #logistics

Shahan M
8 years ago

I liked a @YouTube video Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM)

#Bangladesh #GDP contribution by sector #agriculture: 19.9% #industry: 30.4% #services: 49.7% (2011 est.) #CIA #fact

Mediterranean and Transatlantic General Rate Increase #Advisories #Export #maerskline

Why do they give back? Great @mattbish interview w/ Warren Buffet & @elonmusk on #givingpledge & #philanthropy.

Global Logistics—April 2012 - Inbound Logistics:

9 years ago

Bangladesh exported $19 Billions in 2010-11, and forecasted to top $ 40 Billions in 2015....invest in lands as it will never be cheaper.

Islamia Travels signed up with and is now providing its online gateway at

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