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Quoted @realDailyWire

Kanye West To Joe Rogan: Abortion Meant To ‘Kill The Black Race,’ ‘Create Population Control’

Kanye West To Joe Rogan: Abortion Meant To ‘Kill The Black Race,’ ‘Create Population Control’

I wish more ppl, #Celebrities CARED about #Abortion, killing 1,000 #BlackBabies/day. Pls pray. This is NOT ok with Their #Creator. #ProLife #JesusChrist

BREAKING: After Barrett Confirmation, AOC Immediately Tweets 'Expand The Court'

8 hours ago

Leslie Stahl is a joke. She tells Trump she doesn’t have evidence of the Hunter scandal on her interview . I’m a neophyte, yet know of LOADS of incriminating evidence. WSJ and other publications weighed in, yet Leslie is allergic to facts; dismal end of a good career IMHO.

We're supposed to take advice from someone that admitted to stealing cars to pay for his drug use, which included heroin, a drug that Josh explained he did not like. Another Hollywood idiot.

You should cry your eyes out. What did you expect a raise? You're a teacher a role model for those kids. They look up to you and you are spreading terrorism...

@TuckerCarlson Tucker congratulations on getting this interview, the Senate should be all over this the rest of this week! Where is @senatemajldr on this?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She's the same as her parents. Please shut up Chelsea and stop using Ivanka's name so you can gain attention.

7 hours ago

Quoted @greggutfeld

peter has retweeted various versions of nun's photos 6 times. rather than doing other stuff that one might do on the weekend. he's unaware that he is "drunk on the cork." so amplified by the whiff of anything trump, he's unaware of how unhinged his behavior becomes.

Sure hope the rational (at least) on the left, consider this tweet and act accordingly. Don’t sacrifice your life, well being and how you react to others by who may be president. You’re a fab person w hope;be that person!! Don’t devolve bc of an election, please.

Inquiring minds want to know if YOU support the Electoral College...or would you like to see it removed❓🤔 My mind is blown 🤯when I hear there are those who say remove it totally! Don't they care about anyone in the Fly-Over states? We wouldn't even have a voice at all! 🤐

15 hours ago

Quoted @chuckwoolery

Chelsea Handler Scolds 50 Cent For Supporting Trump: “I Had To Remind Him That He Was A Black Person” (VIDEO)

The lack of self awareness w some is absolutely breathtaking. Chelsea has misplaced nerve “telling” anyone how to believe, but to announce that a black man “must” believe a certain way bc of his color smacks of plantation attitudes. #WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever

16 hours ago

Letters: Presidential Debates, the FEC and Freedom of Speech

17 hours ago

The Press of Conformity: A case study in how the media stigmatize opposing views. Media piles on “truth in news” journalists, yet nothing will take away truths the Biden campaign MUST address w Americans Big Guy.

9 hours ago

Quoted @robbystarbuck

You’re an idiot Keith. The video is from the Today Show and contains no edits from the Trump campaign. Ironically while you accuse others of lying, you’re actually lying. Typical Democrat.

Okay, here’s a take down I’m posting, not bc I want grief upon Keith; I don’t, but I want everyone possible to see just how egregious media are in foisting lies upon truths. It’s appalling and needs calling out. #WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever #MediaBias

9 hours ago

Hillary Clinton still fuming: 'I was born' to be president; it makes me 'literally sick to my stomach to think' of another Trump win - TheBlaze I’m sorry, but even if you THINK you were manor born, it’s not in very good taste to say so Hillary. #WalkAway

Crying about Trump supporters at a rally with FAKE guns, while carrying a REAL gun yourself. So please shut the hell up Cardi and let your man answer for his actions.

Truly disgusting!!  #BidenCrimeFamiily 
So...more Russian Propaganda?! 
@DrBiden knows & is complicit! ...smh...
A vote 4 @JoeBiden is a vote 2 cover-up 
#BidenCrimeFamiily 's corruption & moral decay!! #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteTrumpPence2020

Truly disgusting!! #BidenCrimeFamiily So...more Russian Propaganda?! @DrBiden knows & is complicit! ...smh... A vote 4 @JoeBiden is a vote 2 cover-up #BidenCrimeFamiily 's corruption & moral decay!! #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #VoteTrumpPence2020

11 hours ago

Joe mis speaks alot These days...jus sayʻn🇺🇸🇺🇸Biden staff tells '60 Minutes' he misspoke on cost of free public college

11 hours ago

Excellent Idea, Fire them all! 🇺🇸🇺🇸“Fire them all' — GOP governor rips Congress for inability to reach coronavirus stimulus deal

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