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Live Action is a global human rights movement dedicated to building a culture of life & ending abortion. | Founded by @LilaGraceRose

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Tiny micro-preemie babies regularly survive with support and medical intervention. Children of any size or age should receive the love, care, and protection they need to thrive—not a death sentence from abortion or medical neglect.

This child could have been legally killed for the next 16 weeks if still inside of the womb.

Quoted @PPFA

We thank her. We honor her legacy. We continue the work - #InHerHonor.

We thank her. We honor her legacy. We continue the work - #InHerHonor.

The abortion industry is using the death of RBG to fight for more death. They don’t care about her life or the lives of anyone else in America.

It’s no surprise when groups that push for the slaughter of children sacrifice scientific integrity in order to achieve their corrupt agenda of violence.

Big Abortion is descended from big sterilization @CaroleNovielli

We will soon see a fight over the Supreme Court vacancy like you’ve never seen before. Many will advocate that every child should have a chance at life and success. Others will demand that the death of children is our only way forward. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

BREAKING: Live Action Releases Statement From Founder @LilaGraceRose On The Passing Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg And The U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy:

BREAKING: Live Action Releases Statement From Founder @LilaGraceRose On The Passing Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg And The U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy:

While "pro-choice" advocates are fighting to oppress & massacre another 60 million babies The pro-life movement is fighting to protect our most vulnerable children We are on the right side of history. Join us in ushering in a more peaceful, loving, & just country.

Just trying to make sure all little women have the chance at life that Ruth did. Amirite. #prolife

@LiveAction “[P]reborn human beings are legal “persons” within the original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment.” (

Quoted @LiveAction

The Constitution, properly interpreted, prohibits abortion under the 14th Amendment. Every constitutional officer who swears an oath to uphold the Constitution has a duty to ensure the rights of preborn children are protected. RT if you agree!

My full legal argument, published in the @HarvardJLPP, can be found here:

Abortion is unconstitutional. A person in the womb is human from the moment of fertilization. The 14th Amendment says the state can not deprive any person of LIFE, liberty, or property w/out due process. It’s time to confirm a Justice that affirms this basic truth.

Sucking the brains out of innocent human beings, tearing off their arms and legs, and poisoning them to death is not constitutional. It’s time to overturn Roe v. Wade and its companion cases. RT if you agree!

Abortion is unconstitutional. The former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Journal of Law @joshjcraddock explains why. RT!

There will be no gender equality until little girls in the womb are fully protected.

being pro-life means being anti-abortion. it’s that simple.

Abortionists are people who were trained to heal but have chosen to use their skills to dismember, decapitate, poison, & starve children in the womb to death. Never expect abortionists to treat the mothers of their victims with dignity.

After years of tacitly accepting abortion, America is now debating whether infanticide is OK. In this new film (@DHofAmericaFilm), NFL great @BenjaminSWatson takes the US pulse on the killing of children & makes the case for defending innocent life.

The 2021 March for Life theme is “Together Strong: Life Unites.” ❤️ #TogetherStrong #LifeUnites

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